Cape Town: Take a Seat at the City by the Table

by Gavin Darvell

Is two days ever long enough to explore a city like Cape Town? It’s hard to say, as it’ll depend on what you like to see and do on your travels. Luckily, Cape Town isn’t too big, although saying that, two days may be too short!

We’ll try to get under this city’s skin a little, give you the best places to check out to ensure you make the most of this South African gem. Ok, so you are going to need to plan a bit. You have the stunning coastline and natural surroundings to think about, as well as the city museums and art galleries. For our two day excursion, let’s start in the centre and work outwards.



Photo by Thomas Bennie on Unsplash


Day 1: In and around the city centre

Starting in the Cape Town city bowl is where you’ll find all the action. The city’s museums, art galleries, bars and restaurants are found here. With the city being beside the ocean, why not kick-off at the V&A Waterfront? Enjoy the sea views, sip on a coffee and get into gear. You’re ready for anything now.

The best way to explore is by booking yourself on a hop-on bus tour. You can get your bearings, see what’s what and where’s where before deciding if there are any places to return to. Another tip is to get a Cape Town City Pass. This allows you to get into over 70 attractions, so well worth the expense. One stop on the route, and can’t be missed, is Table Mountain. Take the cable car up and you’ll enjoy some spectacular views.

After those thrills you can come back down and do some shopping around The Waterfront. There’s a Ferris wheel (Cape Wheel) to try, and the Two Oceans Aquarium to explore.

With the day done, time to enjoy your evening at one of the many restaurant choices. Long Street is your place for evening entertainment.


Cape Town beaches

Photo by Tyzana Craig on Unsplash


Day 2: Along the coastline

After the first day’s touring around the city centre, it’s time to branch out. Taking a scenic tour along the spectacular coastline is a bracing, exhilarating experience. Craggy coves and windswept beaches await.

Places like the Castle of Good Hope are a fine example of the treasures to be found out of town. It’s a fortress complex, built by the Dutch East India Company back in 1679. Courtyards, a dungeon, and gardens are among its facilities to explore.

Other bays and areas to explore along the coastline include Camps Bay and Hout Bay, quaint fishing towns that blend in with the natural landscape. Then once you’ve headed back into the city, finish your day back where it all began at the V&A Waterfront to watch the setting sun.


There’s no doubting that Cape Town is more than just a city beside a famous natural landmark. Explore its core, head along the coastline and you will have got under the city’s skin.

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