Five Minutes With Our…Customer Service Manager

by Gavin Darvell

Have you ever been to Orlando’s theme parks? Our Customer Service Manager Tabassum Karigar has, and in our latest series of five minutes with…interviews, she shares some important top tips from her Orlando experience. As she reveals, it wasn’t just a holiday of adrenaline-fueled rides. Just most of it! 

Before Tabassum gives us her tips for exploring Orlando’s theme parks, let’s get to know our Customer Service Manager a little.


A Few Words With Our Customer Service Manager


What do you do at isango!? – I’m the Manager of the Customer Service team at isango!

Was your trip to Orlando for business or pleasure? – It was a pleasure trip- visiting family in Orlando and Atlanta

How long did you stay there?  – In Orlando, I was there for six days and two weeks in Atlanta.

Was it a long enough visit to do what you set out to achieve? –  Orlando is a beautiful place to visit, in 6 days I was able to cover 3 Universal parks. Which is only touching the surface, as Orlando has so much to offer the tourist. I would like to go back again and cover other attractions and the remaining parks I couldn’t visit.


Day 1


We’ve reached Orlando after a long flight! Thankfully I was able to sleep, so no jet lag for me! Although I still slept like a baby that night! The following morning after breakfast we were refreshed and ready to explore. We decided to head to the outlets stores in Orlando to do some shopping. Since this was close to Thanksgiving, all the stores were offering discounts, the perfect time to pick up a bargain or two. It was whilst walking through the mall that I came across the information desk. I was able to collect a lot of useful leaflets on Orlando’s theme parks, perfect for pre-planning our time and definately something everyone should do.

A visit to the malls is highly recommended. The atmosphere was vivacious and fun so made for the perfect introduction to our holiday. Tomorrow though we’d head for Orlando’s theme parks. Time for some theme park fun!


Day 2 – 6


Onto Universal Studios, and so much to look forward too. Firstly, the rides at the park were amazing! The Island of Adventure & Thriller rides were so much fun, as were King Kong, Harry Potter and The Hulk. These are scary roller coasters, but I was able to conquer my fears. If I had to choose  my favourite? The Harry Potter ride was excellent, but my favourite was King Kong! I ended up doing that one twice!

Here’s a useful top-tip. Universal Studios was very crowded on Saturday and the wait time for the rides was extremely long. Luckily I was with some locals who have an Annual Pass; they informed me that on Saturday all these pass holders come to the park with their kids. It also becomes very busy during the afternoon on weekdays, so planning your trip is essential for maximum benefit!

Thankfully the park was less crowded when we returned on Sunday and the wait time on the rides was much shorter. Happily, I could complete most of the rides that I wanted, yay!

Away from visiting Universal Studios if you’re looking for something a little different but no less fun we also visited Volcano Bay: a water-based theme park. We had a great time there, what a thrill.


Final Piece Of Advice?


If you have the mobile app it will help you to know the wait time on rides; also it will be best to do the popular rides like the rollercoasters 1st thing in the morning when the queues are shorter. If the weather is cloudy and there’s lightning in the area, they still operate the rides!

Finally for the Hogwarts Express train they check your park ticket. You need to have two park tickets to take this ride. The express connects both the park, Island of Adventure and Universal Studios, so is well worth doing.


Well it It looks like you had an incredible, shopping and theme park fueled experience. Happy roller coasting Tabassum!

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