Fort Lauderdale – The New Orlando? Looking at the Best Things to Do

by Gavin Darvell

Endless sandy beaches, year round sunshine and wide smiles! Oh, what an image, but that’s Fort Lauderdale for you. The sunny Florida destination is a raising force in the region, so Orlando, maybe even Miami, you had better watch out, there’s a new kid on the block!

Fort Lauderdale isn’t new, it’s just that it’s becoming a popular alternative to some of Florida’s more well-known destinations. What’s not to like about a city that has fabulous beaches and a thriving arts and culture scene? And where else in America can boast of gondola rides on the canals, and a historic riverfront that is known as the Venice of America?

So, grab your Fort Lauderdale sightseeing pass and let’s discover what this vibrant city can offer, and answer whether it really is the new Orlando. Oh, and you might want to pack the sunglasses and sunscreen? Well, we’ve got to blend in, haven’t we?



Photo by Joshua Anderson on Unsplash


The Beaches

Let’s start at the sandy white beaches that stretch across 24 miles! Your hotel will most likely be along here, and you’ll find mixed in with the resorts a wide selection of restaurants and shopping facilities to keep you entertained. After you’ve had fun on the beach! Here’s our selection of beaches for you to check out along the 24 mile Fort Lauderdale stretch.

Deerfield Beach – has a casual beach vibe and is a great location for those special sunset pictures.

Hillsboro Beach – Head south and you come to this beach with a historic lighthouse. Visit here at the right time and you’ll also see the sea turtles. They nest here from March to October. Don’t touch remember, just observe and see the joy and beauty of nature.

Pompano Beach – This is the beach for diving enthusiasts and those who enjoy sports fishing.

Fort Lauderdale – The beach is near the big hotels, so may well be your closest one? It’s also the beach to be seen at. So if you want to be among the jet-setters, then this is the place to come.



Photo by Marco Perretta on Unsplash


The Attractions

Ok, so we’ve covered some beaches. Let’s see what else this sunny stripe has to offer. Las Olas Boulevard is where you’ll find fashion, art and sidewalk cafes. Sip on a latte, shop and just take in the Lauderdale vibe. For entertainment the Riverwalk Arts and entertainment district is where you’ll find top class concerts and events, perfect for evening fun.

Flamingo Gardens is a popular attraction. You’ve got 60 acres of botanical gardens and everglades to take in. From the flamingos to alligators, it’s a great family treat. Talking of the everglades.

Fort Lauderdale is the gateway to the Everglades. There are many ways to explore the region. Airboat rides look like being the most fun. However other options are available. The area takes up over two-thirds of the destination’s total area. See the alligators, the flora and fauna. It’s a real treat.


Whether it’s riding a gondola down the canal, taking in the sun on the beach or having an adrenaline rush while doing water sports in the warm Florida waters, there’s no doubt Fort Lauderdale is an attractive proposition. Add in top hotels, wonderful cuisine and several top-rated attractions and you can see why it’s giving Florida’s neighbours a run for their money.

Time to check it out!

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