In The Limelight: Data Analyst Manager

by Gavin Darvell

We’re back with our In the Limelight series, taking the lid off and looking into the people and their roles within the isango! Organisation. Next to step up to the plate is our Data Analyst Manager, Manish Kumar. It’s all about the numbers! Let’s find out more.



Hi Manish, so what is your position within the isango! team?

I help B2C/B2B businesses within isango! to understand how powerful data can be in practice, especially when it’s applied with strong problem-solving and lots of industry expertise.


How would you best describe a typical day?

I’m an ‘early to rise, early to bed’ person and try to squeeze many things in between.  I wake up at 6 o’clock, check emails and reply to a few urgent ones. Then it’s a long drive of 2 hours to reach office (thanks to Delhi-Gurgaon traffic jams!)

I start my routine work looking at previous sales trends, marketing trends (like traffic, CR analysis), product and category trends (which product/attraction is selling and from which geography) and operations and business trends (how we’re going vs targets). My afternoons are full of meetings with all the key stakeholders and brainstorming sessions with teams and colleagues.

Before bed, my time is for my wife.  I make sure to talk to her for at least 30-60 mins without any distraction like mobile phones, Television et al. 

What challenges do you face in your role?


Number one, making people understand DATA! Then it’s mapping tons of data sources which are lying in different silos. Also finding ways of automating more to make everybody’s life easy and help them to make business decisions quickly.

Another is tight deadlines. Digging out insight is a time-consuming process, so I need to figure out which method should I follow to get quicker results and deliver it efficiently to the relevant stakeholders.


What do you like most about your current role?

Everything! I’m passionate about building data-driven businesses, data-informed decisions et al. But I’d say creating and digging out many insights from different levels and sources are something I look forward to in my day to day work.


Personal Travel:

What countries have you been able to tick-off on your travels?

Data Analyst

The UK, Hungary and Mauritius (I wish I could have a list of 10 countries at least) – unfortunately, the travel bug in me woke up a little late, although I have travelled extensively throughout India. I’m hoping that now I’m married to a travel junkie, the list of countries will grow.


What destinations remain on your bucket list, and why?

I’d say the entire world would be enough for me!  I love to know about different cultures, try the local food, know about their challenges and how are they trying to overcome them so that I can also change myself (always good to challenge yourself!).

Otherwise, Japan is always my first love because I’ve always been fascinated by technology. Also Iceland, I want to experience the Northern Lights from a glass igloo with my wife.


Where should we be planning to visit in 2019?


Bit of Asia like Malaysia, Dubai, Sri Lanka – thanks to cheaper flights and Airbnb which is making travel so affordable for us. And, few European destinations on my cards like Ireland and Spain. Fingers crossed!


With all that data spinning around, no wonder you love to travel! Thanks for your time Manish, we’ll let you get back to number crunching.

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Alok Jain Meghana February 5, 2019 - 2:59 pm

Great work Manish


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