Why You Should Book With Just London Theatre Breaks

Let the show begin

by Gavin Darvell

I want you to picture a scene. Perhaps it’s an all too familiar one. Maybe you’ve ended up pulling your hair out or throw your computer across the room. Screaming out in frustration and disturbing the neighbors 

Arrgh! Help

You’re about to book a theatre break for your partner. A treat, wedding anniversary, birthday gift, call it what you want. You’ve decided to go and see one of the top West End shows, but make it an overnight visit for an extra special treat. You need a hotel and want an excellent pre or post-show dinner.  You search on your laptop, pad, or phone.  Click, click, click. Backward and forwards, changing pages as you trawl through the different screens. Looking at the various websites for the best deals! Got to find a room. Then there are the theatre tickets. Not forgetting the pre-show restaurant. The frustration is building! Why can’t it be easier? You cry.

Now imagine another you. You’ve got your cup of tea, you’re nicely settled on the sofa. This time there’s no changing to different sites. No click, clicking. It’s all there, in front of you on one site. The West End show, the choices of hotel and restaurant. Then in a flash, it’s booked. No needless clicking or flicking! Getting frustrated and the need to change screens. You sit back and drink your tea, satisfied.

We’ve all been there, booking the different segments to create a package. Do one part and then move on to the next. Going to various sites, checking this, going back and checking again. It’s time-consuming, and we have so little time these days! You’ve got Netflix shows to watch or your next Fortnite session to play! What’s the answer?




Booking worries solved

Just London Theatre Breaks is a site that allows you to book packages in one place and not only that. Once you’ve chosen your hotel and show you’ll know exactly how far apart they are from each other, and your restaurant will be conveniently located too. So no need to trawl through various websites. No last-minute panic about what time to leave your hotel to get to the show.  No worries about finding a restaurant that will fit around your schedule.  Not convinced yet? Then let us tell you more…


Booking through Just London Theatre Breaks is a convenient way to create a Theatre package. No more hassles, no more endless clicking. Save time so you can enjoy other things. Now that’s worth considering, right?

At the end of the day, this is a special weekend trip, you’re off to see a spectacular London show. You’re there to enjoy the company of your companion. Booking a treat like a London Theatre Break shouldn’t be a hassle, thankfully now it isn’t.

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