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by Gavin Darvell

Round and round it goes! Day after day. The London Eye is a centrepiece attraction in the heart of the capital. Westminster across the river, the National Theatre and the thriving South Bank below. Step into a glass capsule and enjoy a flight, that takes you up high into the London sky. Offering stunning views across a cityscape that is continually changing. Before you enjoy your flight, read these curated London Eye facts, and the following fun facts to entertain your family, partner or friends. They’ll love you for it!

The London Eye has been welcoming passengers since March 2000 and remains one of London’s top attractions. Situated on the South Bank of the River Thames, almost opposite Westminster and next to the old London council building, you really can’t miss it. The bustle of people queuing to get on their flight or passing by will point the way.

Time to memorize the following top London Eye facts. They’ll ensure you have the perfect trip and give you a whole new perspective on your journey into the London sky.


London Eye Top Tips


5 London Eye Tips


Now you’ve got these top London Eye facts to ensure you have a smooth trip, why not impress your travel group with some fun London Eye facts? They’ll undoubtedly help to keep the conversation going as you head around.


Fun Facts about the London Eye

The London Eye is a popular attraction:

Consider this when you climb aboard for your ride. On average, the London Eye receives more visitors per year than the top historical wonders of the world’s sites – The Taj Mahal and The Great Pyramids of Giza! Wonder if the Eye will be around in 1000 or so years?


Celebrity turns

Many a celebrity have taken a ride on the London Eye. No star, however, has ridden the wheel more times than supermodel Kate Moss. She’s been on some 25 times! But the clear winner, as it stands is Jessica Alba. She’s only ridden the Eye a whopping 31 times. I wonder what she likes about it? Must be the view.


It’s all about the capsules

There’s no way you’re getting a view unless you get into a capsule. You have 32 capsules to choose from, but no number 13! It’s an unlucky number. Therefore, the capsules are numbered from 1 to 33! Also, each capsule represents one of the 32 Boroughs of London. It’s a genuinely local attraction this one!


Get Engaged

The London Eye is a favourite with those wanted to add a special moment to their proposal. Over 5000 people have got onto one knee to ask for their partner’s hand in marriage. The Eye has also hosted over 500 weddings, so not just a tourist attraction, it’s a wedding venue. It’s been voted among the most romantic places to visit, not just in London, but the world!


Take it easy!

Want to know how fast the ride is? Well, each capsule makes its circular route at the snail’s pace of 26cm per second. That’s twice as fast as a tortoise! Time to sit back and admire the views. Look there’s Westminster, Oh The Shard, Canary Wharf and so on.


The Mini London Eye

Did you know that there is another London Eye, not 30 miles away? The only trouble is, you won’t be able to ride on it! It’s found at Legoland Windsor, as part of its Miniland exhibit. Visit there and you’ll see other famous London landmarks such as Buckingham Palace.


Look what I can see

There are plenty of jokes about the English weather. Rightly so, some of the time. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a clear day on your ride on the wheel, make sure to look out for Windsor Castle. That’s some 40km away (25 miles). Why not give her Majesty the Queen a wave when you’re at the top? No guarantees she’ll be waving back though!


The London Eye may look like another Ferris wheel (it’s not, it’s actually a cantilevered observation wheel) but now you have the tools to impress those with you. Add in our top facts, and it makes that journey that little extra special. Enjoy the ride!

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