The Best Things To Do In The United States: A Categorized Guide

by Benjamin Lewis

If you want to attempt an impossible task, try coming up with a list of the best things to do in the United States.  The country is so large and so diverse, a trendy, new American attraction seems to emerge every couple of weeks.  So, by now, you’d have just as much trouble compiling a complete list of tours, tickets, and trails as you would hand-picking the best of the lot.  Therefore, we decided to break up the following list into the various types of activities in which you might wish to participate during a U.S. Tour:


Historical Things To Do:  Old City, Philadelphia

best-things to do in the united states-categorized-guide


For having such a short history, you’ll still find a ton of historical things to do in the United States.  From the Freedom Trail in Boston to the National Mall in Washington D.C., countless U.S. attractions harken back to the founding of our nation.  But, perhaps the best way to get in touch with America’s past is taking a Philadelphia tour.  Independence Hall, where our founding fathers debated and adopted the U.S. Constitution, and the world-famous Liberty Bell draw in millions of history buffs from around the world, every year.  And, the City of Brotherly Love delivers a history lesson to each and every one of them.


Adventurous Things To Do:  The Grand Canyon

best-things to do in the united states-categorized-guide-grand-canyon


When Americans think about adventure within the United States, many of us envision explorers blazing a trail to the Pacific Ocean and pioneers heading west.  And, when we imagine the western wilderness, it’s the Grand Canyon that often first pops into our minds.  The sheer enormity, ancientness, and overall aesthetic of this natural wonder have made the classic Grand Canyon tour a symbol for American adventure.  And, regardless of whether you cover ground in a bus, 4×4, or on foot, you can rest assured that you’ll find it one of the most adventurous things to do in the United States.


Artsy Things To Do:  Bushwick Street Art Tour

best-things to do in the united states-categorized-guide-bushwick-street-art


Most of us don’t display much in the way of artistic talent.  We either don’t have the patience, creativity, or both.  However, America as a country demonstrates considerable skill in the arts, especially when it comes to writing, film, and music.  But, what about street art, like graffiti, paste-ups, and stencil work?  These disciplines have been in the newspapers and on the cutting edge of contemporary art for several years now.  And, perhaps one of the most artsy things to do in the United States is to take a graffiti tour and workshop in the trendy neighborhood of Bushwick, New York.  Who know?  Maybe it’ll create a spark and you’ll become the next Banksy.


Spookiest Things To Do:  New Orleans Ghost Tour

best-things to do in the united states-categorized-guide-new-orleans-ghost-tour


America is home to some of the spookiest places on Earth.  For starters, you’ve got Area 51, Sleepy Hollow, and Salem.  But, frankly, most of the spookiest things to do in the United States take place in the Deep South.  The Spanish moss and deadly swamps provide one of the most eerie vibes you can imagine.  And, if you had to nail down one activity that’s spookier than the rest, a New Orleans ghost tour would probably top the list.   Roam around the French Quarter and see who, or what, follows you home.  Or, check out St. Louis Cemetery #2 and make a deal with the long-deceased Voodoo Queen, Marie Laveau!  Just make sure you hold up your end of the bargain.


Hi there?  Do you have a tip on what to do in the United States?  Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list during our next update.

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