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Marble palaces, exquisite canal passages, and picture-perfect piazzas; welcome to the ever-enchanting floating city of Venice. An extensive labyrinth of islands strung together by stone alleys, bridges and the odd town square, Venice gives travellers a chance to get truly lost, and enjoy it. This city harks back to eras gone by, with no roads limiting travellers to foot and boat, and grandiose Venice attractions including 16th and 17th palaces, basilicas and gallerias keeping all things classical at its core and all the historical facts about Venice that you must explore. A city built on water, Venice uses its unique location to its advantage, it’s garden islands and aquaculture the base for a thriving foodie scene where fresh produce and ancient Venetian spices rule. Travellers the world over agree, there is nowhere quite like Venice…


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Eiffel Tower tickets sell out - use the calendar to see the products available on your travel dates
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Things to do in Venice



  • Dig in. After a long day of Venice sightseeing, Cicheti, Venice’s version of tapas, is the perfect way to relax and comfortably dabble in Italy’s inventive cuisine. Tasting the city’s fresh lagoon seafood is also a must.
  • Get lost. This medieval city’s streets were thrown together with no clear rhyme or reason. Embrace the shambles and don’t fret if you get led astray, experiencing the dead ends and bridges to nowhere are all part of the fun in this city.
  • Wear comfortable shoes. Going for a long stroll is one of the best things to do in Venice. Seeing this city on foot is idyllic, so be sure to dress your feet for both style and comfort. A good pair of flat shoes will be your best friend when hopping on and off boats, too.


Best Time To Visit This Italian gem is always in popular demand. Avoid the most hectic tourist times by visiting in November. This autumn season of fog and acqua alta (tidal flooding) may make wellies a requirement on your Venice day tours, but the marvellous misty mystique of the lagoon city at this time of year more than makes up for it.
Getting Around Experiencing the art of getting lost is practically a rite of passage in this floating city. Here’s our breakdown of the best ways to navigate Venice, if you can manage it…
  • This maze of waterways and cobblestone streets is best explored by on foot, with walking Venice tours a key way to see and discover this city’s amazing past and culture.
  • When considering what to do in Venice, a famous gondola ride around the canals is a must. For day-to-day travel, opt for a ferry. The city’s ferry systems are extensive, run regularly, and are a cheap way of getting from a to b in a hurry.
  • A water taxi may be your best bet for getting around in good time, but they can be expensive, so use sparingly to take the Venice day trips that matter most.
Stay Safe Venice is known as a safe city, however it’s a good idea to take extra care when travelling to new destinations. Keep these precautions in tow so your trip to ensure your tips goes off without a hitch…
  • Most crimes that take place in Venice are theft-related. Look out for pickpockets and be sure to keep your valuables close, especially in areas with a lot of tourist traffic.
  • Acqua alta (tidal flooding) occurs a few times each year. Local authority’s quick response times and the raising of temporary walkways means visitors safety is rarely compromised. Special sirens sound for if flooding waters become dangerous so keep an ear out, otherwise wellies should suffice.
  • For assistance in an emergency, call 112.


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