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Keukenhof Tickets

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Stop and smell the tulips during your Amsterdam trip by picking up some Keukenhof tickets.  A Keukenhof trip promises a quiet respite from the inherent craziness of an Amsterdam tour.  Plus, the natural beauty of the so-called “Garden of Europe” provides some of the most dramatic photo opportunities in the country.  And, you can easily combine an Amsterdam city tour with a Keukenhof tour by picking up one of our saver combo packages.  Or, try pairing an Amsterdam Hop-On, Hop-Off Tour with a Keukenhof sightseeing excursion for an added savings.  Finally, you can go all out by picking up a Holland Pass, which includes entry to Keukenhof Gardens, the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Heineken Museum, Madame Tussauds, and much more!  It’s what to do in Amsterdam when you want to see everything the city has to offer!

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  • Our tips for Keukenhof Our tips for Keukenhof
    • Early Birds & Johnnies-Come-Lately.If you’d like to avoid the massive crowds during peak season, you should arrive either when the gates open or a couple hours before closing.
    • Run for Cover.Should you be so unfortunate to experience rain during your Keukenhof trip, you might want to step inside one of the 5 indoor exhibits.They’re nice and dry!
    • All about the Flowers?While the tulips take center stage during any Keukenhof vacation, there’s plenty more to see.Make sure you stop to enjoy Keukenhof Castle and the beautiful statues seen throughout the garden.
  • Good to know Good to know
    Best Time To Visit

    When it comes to a Keukenhof sightseeing trip, it’s not really about the best time to visit.  Rather, it’s about the only time to visit!  The garden usually opens in mid-March and closes in mid-May.  So, there’s a very small window of opportunity to visit the garden.   If you want to see the tulips at their most beautiful during you Keukenhof tour, try to book your Keukenhof tickets for the last week of April or the first week of May.  Most of the tulips are in full bloom during this time; but, you should be aware that most visitors are aware of this, too.  So, you can expect some minor crowding. 

    Getting There

    With several transportation options available to you during your Amsterdam trip, you should have no difficulty getting from Amsterdam to Keukenhof.  If you’d like to go by bus, take the 858 bus from Schiphol Airport and you’ll arrive in about 30 minutes.  Consider picking up the combiticket, which will save you a little money on round-trip transportation.  If you are taking a Keukenhof tour from Leiden or Haarlem, then you’ll need to take the 854 or 50 Bus, respectively.  The most luxurious way of getting to Keukenhof is by taxi, which could cost upwards of 100 Euros.   Taking a bicycle is a nice way to see the countryside before using your Keukenhof ticket to enter the garden.  And, finally, you can drive from Amsterdam to Keukenhof by taking the A4 South to N207 North and turning left on N208.  At the traffic circle, take the first exit, which is Zwartelaan, and drive about a kilometre before turning left on Loosterweg Noord, which dead-ends at Keukenhof. 

    Money Saving Tips

    Short on cash?  That’s O.K.!  Should you wish to visit Keukenhof multiple times during the tulip season, you might want to consider buying a Spring Pass.  It allows unlimited entry during the season.  Now that’s value!

    Did you know?

    Quick Trivia – Impress your friends with these Keukenhof fun facts!

    • Keukenhof can be translated to mean “kitchen garden”, a reference to the herbs grown here while the Keukenhof Castle was used as a residence.
    • Keukenhof represents the largest flower garden in the world.  You’ll find almost 7,000,000 bulbs and 800 different varieties of tulips spread over nearly 80 acres.
    • Although a Keukenhof sightseeing trip promises plenty of tulips, the garden is also home to the largest lily show on Earth. 
    • It takes about 30 year-round gardeners to keep Keukenhof looking its best and producing the most beautiful tulips in the world!

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