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St Marks Square Tickets & Tours

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Discover one of the most romantic places in the world with a St. Mark’s Square tour! As the setting for countless films, books, and television series, St. Mark’s Square is one of the most recognizable places on Earth. Famous for its basilica, the relics of Saint Mark, and its hungry pigeons, St. Mark’s Square represents a true must-see attraction for any traveller headed to Venice. Wade through the waters during Acqua Alta, check out the nearby Doge’s Palace, or simply listen to the orchestra that plays every evening. Without fail, a St. Mark’s Square trip delivers an unforgettable experience every time.
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St Marks Square


OUR TIPS FOR St Marks Square

  • Goodfeathers. Avoid the organized team of scam artists selling birdseed. They will try to charge you five dollars a head. If you really want to feed the pigeons, buy something before you arrive at St. Mark’s Square. Pigeons will eat anything!
  • Acqua Alta. If you find yourself in Venice during the winter, you’re likely to experience flooding at St. Mark’s Square. It usually lasts for only a few hours; so, you can simply wait it out in your hotel if you like.
  • Early bird special. St. Mark’s Square fills up fast. If you’d like to experience the piazza while it’s quiet and empty, arrive early in the morning before the day trippers arrive.


Best Time To Visit Picking the best time for a St. Mark’s Square tour requires a decision about what’s most important to you. If it’s weather, then arrive in the spring, which provides the best climate. If swarms of people bother you, arrive in autumn. Bring a wide variety of clothing because the weather can vary significantly throughout the day during the fall. Summer brings oppressive heat, inflated prices, and crowds. Winter can be somewhat cold and you’re likely to encounter flooding. Acqua Alta makes for great pictures and quite an adventure!
Getting Around From Santa Lucia Railway Station, the best way to get to St. Mark’s Square is by Water Bus. You can take either Line 1 or 2. Line 1 takes about 45 minutes and 15 stops to get to St. Mark’s Square. Water busses arrive about 5 times an hour. Line 2 takes 30 minutes and includes 5 stops. Make sure the Line 2 water bus is headed down the Grand Canal by asking the pilot. Another option is walking from the train station to St. Mark’s Square. It takes over an hour; but, it provides a great first impression of Venice, assuming you are not burdened with excess luggage.
Money Saving Tips Got a hole in your pocket? Don’t sweat it! You can save a substantial chunk of change by skipping a trip to the top of St. Mark’s Campanile. Yes, the view is quite nice. But, if you plan to enter St. Mark’s Basilica, you can get some of the best views at no additional charge. Once inside, just head upstairs and exit through the wooden door for a beautiful rooftop vista!
Did you know? Quick Trivia – Pretend you’re an expert by spouting off these St. Mark’s Square fun facts.
  • Piazza San Marco is the only true piazza in Venice. All of the other open spaces are referred to as campi, except Piazzetta San Marco and Piazzale Roma.
  • Feeding birdseed to the pigeons at St. Mark’s Square carries a fine. As it turns out, all those pigeon droppings are bad for the mosaics. Plus, the pigeons eat the marble for its calcium carbonate content.
  • It’s widely believed that Napoleon once called St. Mark’s Square “the drawing room of Europe.” But, such claims have yet to be substantiated.
  • In the late 820’s, the stolen relics of St. Mark first appeared in Venice. The Venetians, as well as the Doge, quickly adopted St. Mark as their new patron saint.


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