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St Marks Square Tickets & Tours

Discover the largest and most important square in Venice, St Mark’s Square! As the setting for countless films, books, and television series, the bustling square is one of the most recognizable places in Europe. Famous for its basilica, the relics of Saint Mark, and its hungry pigeons, St. Mark’s Square is a must-visit for anyone headed to the floating city. Stroll round, check out the Doge’s Palace, or simply listen to the orchestra that plays every evening. The square boasts some of the main Venice attractions like the St. Mark's Basilica, St. Mark's Belltower, the Doge's Palace, and St. Mark's Clock tower. Book Venice tours on isango! that cover the most iconic attractions and choose from a range of top-rated tours and packages.
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Our tips for St Marks Square

  • Goodfeathers. Avoid the organized team of scam artists selling birdseed. They will try to charge you five dollars a head. If you really want to feed the pigeons, buy something before you arrive at St. Mark’s Square. Pigeons will eat anything!
  • Acqua Alta. If you find yourself in Venice during the winter, you’re likely to experience flooding. It usually lasts for only a few hours; so, you can simply wait it out in your hotel if you like.
  • Early bird special. The square is always crowded. If you want to experience the piazza while its quiet and empty, arrive early in the morning before the day trippers arrive.

Good to know

Picking the best time for a visit requires a decision about what’s most important to you. If its weather, then arrive in the spring. If swarms of people bother you, arrive in autumn. Bring a wide variety of clothing because the weather can vary significantly throughout the day during the fall. Summer brings oppressive heat, inflated prices, and crowds.

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