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Welcome to the Lion City, a place where both cutting-edge and age-old culture go hand in hand. A contemporary garden city, Singapore is a champion of renewable green spaces and new energy, with the inception of Gardens by the Bay and the Singapore Night Safari changing the way the modern world defines natural landscapes. Alongside the more famed Singapore attractions, both local life and business keeps ticking, with fine dining, luxe shopping, and award-winning hotels all calling the city home. Just as this city-state looks forward, it celebrates its past too. A delve beyond the high-rises reveals thriving cultural enclaves. Indeed, comprehensive Singapore day tours reveal Chinese shophouses and old-school wet markets, the streets of Little India, and colonial architecture, all a nod to this city’s rich heritage.

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Our tips for Singapore

  • Chews wisely. Singapore’s strict vandalism laws extend to chewing gum, too. Importing gum is illegal and can result in harsh penalties and even prison time! Chewing gum is still permitted though, just be sure to dispose of it properly; littering is also a punishable offence.
  • Take the crossing. Jaywalking is another no-no in this city. Don’t get caught in the cross hairs during your Singapore sightseeing adventures, wait for the lights before crossing the road.
  • Don’t take a rain check. Singapore is hot and humid, with showers on the cards year round. Luckily, rain doesn’t usually last long, so pack an umbrella and stick with Singapore tours, sunshine is coming.

Good to know

Best time to visit
Singapore remains hot and humid year-round and showers occur often, although usually not lasting long. This idyllic weather leaves lots of time to tick off all the mandatory things to do in Singapore and explore some lesser-known gems too. Singapore’s stable weather also means there’s no ‘best time’ for a visit, although it’s advisable to avoid national holidays and global events like the Grand Prix in September if you’re looking to minimise costs.
Getting around
This contemporary capital remains ahead of the game in every aspect, especially transport. These tips for Singapore travel should help you on your way…
  • The city stays true to form with a comprehensive and super-efficient train system, the MRT, which means navigating your Singapore day trips couldn’t be easier. This modern service offers affordable travel, and delivers visitors to most, if not all, of the city sights worth seeing.
  • When considering what to do in Singapore, keep in mind that the city’s bus system also offers cheap, far-reaching travel, meaning it’s easier than ever to see all the sights on a budget.
  • Singapore’s taxis can be expensive, but are a good option for those looking to reach destinations further afield from the city centre.
Stay Safe
Like in all urban metropolis, visitors to Singapore should be cautious for the duration of their stay. Ensure your trip goes off without a hitch with these key precautions…
  • Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world, so travellers rest assured that if they keep valuables close, they shouldn’t face any trouble.
  • For immediate assistance in an emergency, call 999.
  • Comply with local laws, even petty crime can result in swift and harsh punishment by law enforcers.

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