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Welcome to Palermo, the Sicilian capital that sits on the edge of Europe. A city with a rich and diverse historical past, waiting to the explored. Booking Palermo tours and tickets will open up this city, and you'll be ready to enjoy the heady mix of Byzantine mosaics, Arabesque domes and even an English garden! Walk around town, take a Palermo hop-on hop-off bus tour and indulge in Sicilian cuisine. And book a tour with a local guide. You'll be sure to hear exclusive local stories that will help uncover the mysteries of this historical city. There's no doubt this city has a rich and diverse cultural identity. Time to discover it!
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Our tips for Palermo

Plan ahead: It's always worth planning a little before you go. If you take a Palermo hop-on hop-off bus tour, then research which places you'd like to see. The opera house and Cathedral are good examples. Take your hop-on bus tour, get your bearings and then head back to the places that are of genuine interest. It's a great way to make the most of your trip. Look left and right: It goes without saying that the roads in and around Palermo can be chaotic. Make sure you look both ways when you cross the road! Learn a bit of the lingo: It's always good to learn a few words on your travels. Pick up a few Italian words and a bit of body language, and you'll be surprised. People will love you for trying.

Good to know

Palermo gets hot in the summer, so to visit when the temperature is more favourable, you need to head there in late spring or early autumn. Palermo, remember, has a Mediterranean climate, and the Sirocco winds often raise the temperature a few degrees! Stick to spring.

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