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Eiffel Tower Tickets

Come and discover one of the world’s most romantic and elegant monuments with your Eiffel Tower tickets. The iconic monument took its name from its designer and constructer, Gustave Eiffel. The tower boasts the most spectacular views of the city from an impressive vantage point. A symbol of France for decades, no Paris tour is complete without a visit to Eiffel Tower. Forever a tourist hotspot, the iconic monument has stretched to the Parisian skies for 127 years. Planning to visit? Choose from a variety of tickets to Eiffel Tower at the cheapest prices and pay homage to a magnificent historic monument that continues to hold the world in thrall.

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Our tips for Eiffel Tower

  • Think ahead. Queues for this top tower are notoriously long. Save yourself hassle and time and pre-book your Eiffel Tower tickets to ensure a delightful visit.
  • Get stepping. Take the stairs on your Tower tour to avoid lengthy lift cues. As well as getting fitter, you can stop at any point in your ascent to take in the sights from many amazing different angles.
  • Bring a hat and gloves. The weather on the ground will be a whole lot warmer than at the top of the tower, so don’t forget to rug up to keep the chill and wind at bay.

Good to know

Best time to visit
The Eiffel Tower is open 365 days a year, usually from 9.30am to 11pm. In the summer months - mid-June to early September - opening hours extend from 9am to midnight. When it comes to the Tower, the age-old trick of arriving before the gates open may not be your best bet for crowd avoidance, as many minds think alike. Crowds usually diminish at meal times or late at night after the coaches organised for many of the pre-booked tours have left, and significantly drop in the winter months, too.
Getting there
If you’re taking the metro, the closest stop to the Eiffel Tower is Bir Hakeim. For grander views, alight at the Trocadéro stop. It’s slightly further, but the tower views from Trocadéro make a breathtaking beginning to your experience. If you’re coming by train, hop off at the Champ de Mars-Tour Eiffel station.
Money saving tips
Strapped for cash? Don’t fret, a visit to the tower will set you back just €7 for adults - depending on your ticket choice - while children under four go free! For a truly unforgettable experience, we recommend booking one of our isango! Eiffel Tower tickets which offer two-in-one deals, combination packages, and exclusive tours for budget-friendly prices.
Did you know?
Impress your fellow travellers with these interesting titbits:
  • The Eiffel Tower expands bigger and smaller depending on the weather. During the heat of summer, the tower grows by six inches, shrinking again in the cold.
  • Over the years, a number of aviators have flown an aircraft under the tower’s arches. In 1926, pilot Leon Collet was killed after a failed attempt.
  • In 1944, as the Allies approached Paris, Hitler ordered his military to demolish the tower. Dietrich von Choltitz, Hitler’s military governor for Paris, refused.
  • At its peak, the tower sways 6-7 cm in the wind.

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