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Make the most of this Parisian icon with Eiffel Tower tickets and tours. Originally built as a temporary exhibit for the 1889 World Fair, this world's most famous Tower stands tall as the most significant structure. Thankfully, Gustave Eiffel’s installation outlasted its lifespan and still graces the Parisian skyline! You simply can’t do Paris without visiting it, but you can avoid long queues with Eiffel Tower skip the line tickets. Combine it with a dazzling Seine River cruise or any other adventure you choose to have.
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Our tips for Eiffel Tower

  • Think ahead. Queues for this top tower are notoriously long. Save yourself hassle and time with Eiffel elevator tickets or stairs tickets.
  • Take a guide. Get access to Gustave Eiffel’s secret room on the summit with a guided tour to ensure a delightful visit.
  • Get stepping. Take the stairs to the Eiffel Tower on your tour to avoid lengthy lift cues. In addition to getting fitter, you can stop at any point in your ascent to take in the sights from many amazing different angles.
  • Bring a hat and gloves. The weather on the ground will be a whole lot warmer than at the top of the tower, so don’t forget to rug up to keep the chill and wind at bay.
  • Dinner at the top. Having dinner at the top of the tower is the best way to enjoy the panoramic views of the illuminated city.

Good to know

Also popularly known as La Dame de Fer (or The Iron Lady), the wrought iron lattice monument became an immediate sensation when it was opened to the public in the late 1880s. Who would have thought that the design that was initially considered unflattering will rise to prominence and become the most iconic structure in human history?!

Gustave’s namesake tower also includes his secret apartment, which should not be missed on your Eiffel Tower tour. The legend has that he hosted prominent figures of that time like Thomas Edison. In 1944, Hitler ordered his army to demolish the tower, but his governor of Paris -Dietrich von Choltitz refused.

Even though the Eiffel Tower is wind-resistant, it sways up to 7 cm at its peak. It has a cute little functional post office. You can send mail from there and it will get delivered bearing a unique postmark.

The tower once doubled up as an observatory and meteorology lab where Gustave Eiffel did astronomical observations, physics experiments, and aerodynamic studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are the opening hours of the Eiffel Tower?

    The Eiffel Tower opens from 9 am to 11:45 pm, seven days a week.

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