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Doges Palace Tickets

Splendor, romance, and intrigue one can handle. Cross the Bridge of Sighs, retracing the footsteps of countless prisoners as they made their way from the courtroom to the prison. See where Casanova made his great escape! Or, experience the lavish lifestyle led by Doges past as you explore the ornately gothic Ducal Palace. The priceless works of art that adorn the grand interior of the palace stand in stark contrast to the gloomy cells of the Piombi, revealing two opposing stories of Venetian life. Which story will you live out on your Doge’s Palace trip?

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Our tips for Doges Palace

  • Pit-stop. The Doge’s Palace provides a “Baby Pit-stop”, where you can change diapers, breastfeed, and relax for a moment. Kids will need the break, too! The palace is quite large.
  • Keep it holstered. Photography is not allowed inside the Doge’s Palace. You can leave it in the cloakroom if you’d like to walk around more freely.
  • Early bird special. The Doge’s Palace becomes crowded rather quickly. If you’d like to experience it at its best, arrive early in the morning or during the off-season.

Good to know

Best time to visit
Selecting the best time for a Doge’s Palace tour requires personal reflection about what’s most important to you. If you want the best weather, then enter Venice in the spring, which provides the most mild climate. If you want to avoid crowds, arrive in autumn. Wear layers because the weather can change quickly throughout the day. Summer promises the most heat, in-season prices, and crowds. Winter can get chilly and you may have to wait out the Acqua Alta for a few hours.
Getting there
From the main railway station, the best way to get to Doge’s Palace is by water bus. Your options are either Line 1 or 2. It takes about 45 minutes and 15 stops to get to the Doge’s Palace on Line 1. Water busses arrive approximately five times an hour. Line 2 only takes 30 minutes and makes 5 stops. But, confirm with the pilot that the Line 2 water bus you plan to board will head down the Grand Canal. If you wish to walk from the train station, it takes over an hour; but, it provides a great first glimpse of Venetian life if you’re travelling light!
Money saving tips
Low on cash? No problem! If a guided tour or even the $5 audio guide isn’t in your budget, you can still visit the Doge’s Palace without walking around aimlessly. There are a number of free Venice audio guides available that include information on the Doge’s Palace. Just download it ahead of time and spend that $5 on some pizza, instead!
Did you know?
Quick Trivia – Impress your fellow travellers with these Doge’s Palace factoids.
  • When the “new” prison was built on the opposite side of the Rio di Palazzo, the Bridge of Sighs was created in 1614 to connect it to the Doge’s Palace.
  • On October 9th, 1991, Vincenzo Pipino stole the Madonna col Bambino. It then fell into the hands of the Mala del Brenta criminal organization; but, it was quickly recovered by police.
  • In 1756, Giacomo Casanova made his famous escape from the Doge’s Palace prison. He would later publish the story in 1787.
  • The Bridge of Sighs got its name from the sighs of recently sentenced prisoners catching their last glimpse of the lagoon through the corridor’s tiny windows.

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