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If you’re looking for some Sicilian beauty, beaches, and stunning countryside, look no further than Cefalu. You’re visiting one of those rarest places where fine golden sandy beaches sit beside surprising Arab-Norman architectural delights. Wander through squares and along streets. Visit churches that are a pretty as any you’ll see. The honey-coloured buildings here sit perfectly with the mountain background. Relax, explore and above all, take your time. Not forgetting to enjoy the little port and colourful fishing boats as you explore. Visiting Cefalu is your catch-of-the-day. A perfect Sicilian treat

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Good to know

Best time to visit
If you’re a sunseeker, then Summer is, of course, the best time to come here. Cefalu has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters. Spring and autumn are also good times to come.
Getting around
You’ll probably need to hire a car to get to Cefalu. You can also get there by train from Palermo. In and around Cefalu you’ll need to use public transport, although be warned the buses aren’t the best. Walking is as good a way as any other to get around town.
Stay Safe
You’ll find Cefalu to be a very safe and friendly town. Whether singles, couples or families, it’s a great destination to visit. Crime is low, and there is little culture of excessive drinking or other behaviour.
Did you know?
Impress your friends and fellow travellers with these tidbits of information: • You’ll notice the dominating rock face that rises some 270m above the town. You really can’t miss it. It’s known as the ‘promontory of Hercules’, and the temple of Diana stands atop it. • Get your taste buds around this – pasta taianu. It’s pasta in a pan with layers of pasta with meat, aubergine, pine nuts, raisin and cheese. Sounds delicious? Then make sure you give it a try.

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