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From writers and poets who found inspiration from its beauty. Politicians and Dictators who got away from the rigours and the grind of everyday life. Soaking up the fresh air and scenery. Lake Garda attracts them all, and for a good reason too. Come and join those that visit from the windy north to the vineyard growing south shores. With its surrounding regions and easy access from stunning city’s like Verona and Venice, it’s not hard to see why visiting here is high on any Italian visitors list. Isn’t it time you grabbed some fresh air; the beauty of Lake Garda awaits?
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Our tips for Lake Garda

Plan ahead: It’s a good idea to do a little planning before you head to Lake Garda. It’s very near Verona, where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was set, so be sure to book tours to head there for a look around the city. Enjoy the lake and enjoy its nearby towns. A beach life: Believe it or not, Lake Garda does have beaches! If you’re visiting on a hot summers day, and why won’t you? Heading to one of the beaches is a great way to cool down. And yes, you can swim in it. Nice and refreshing

Good to know

Best time to visit
If you want to head there during peak season, then July and August are ideal. The weather conditions are perfect at this time. Lounge in the sun, go for a swim and explore. Spring will be quieter and less crowded, but not quite so warm! Depends if you want a swim, maybe?
Getting around
If you’re not hiring a car or taking a tour from one of the nearby cities like Verona or Venice, public transport is available. Bus lines connect the different lakeside towns.
Stay Safe
If you are driving around the lake, then take care along the roads. There are some blind turns and speed traps. For tourists taking tours, the area is like most touristy places. Be aware of your belongings as you go around.
Money saving tips
Lake Garda can be an expensive place to stay, so basing yourself in nearby Verona may be a good option. Book a tour, and you’ll also save on transport costs.
Did you know?
Impress your friends with these tidbits of information: • Wonder if you have any idea how old Lake Garda is? It was created during the Ice Age, so that puts it at about 1.5 million years old. A glacier created its shape and melted to form the lake you see today! • Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy; it’s about 350 meters deep with a perimeter of 160 km. • Like a hot spring? Well, you’ll find many hot sulphur springs at its tip!

Cities Near Lake Garda

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