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Roman Forum Tickets & Tours

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It was once Ancient Rome's centrepiece, a district of temples, basilicas' and public spaces, the place to be seen. Today the Roman Forum stands as a monument to the Roman Empire alongside it’s illustrious neighbour the Colosseum. Its landmark sights include the 23m high Arco di Settimio Severo, the Curia – the meeting place of the Roman senate, the Case delle Vestali and the Colosseum. As you wonder through these ancient sites you marvel at the intricateness of the site, the grandeur and the sheer scale. Its stunning architecture makes the Forum one of the must-visit attractions on your sightseeing path around the capital.
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Eiffel Tower tickets sell out - use the calendar to see the products available on your travel dates
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Roman Forum


OUR TIPS FOR Roman Forum

  • Starting point. To make the most out of your Roman forum tours start at Palatine Hill and work your way down, finishing with the Colosseum. That way you will experience the full scale of this site and not miss any of its key features.
  • Think ahead. Lines for the Colosseum can be long, a pre-bought ticket will solve that issue. Still unsure? Find out why you should in our Guidebook article.
  • Choose the right footwear. The cobbled stones can get slippery, and you’ll be doing plenty of walking, so it’s best to leave the sandals and put on those trainers.


Best Time To Visit The Roman Forum is open year around from 0830 to one hour before sunset. The best time to visit during the day is during the afternoon and later the better. Many of the tours leave by 1500, that’s when you can make your move.
Getting Around If you're going to start at Palatine Hill (recommended) then head for that entrance (the queues are much shorter here! To find the entrance head down the Via di San Gregorio. The road runs from the Colosseum and the entrance is only 5 minutes’ walk from there.
Money Saving Tips The Forum can be very busy, especially with the Colosseum in close proximity, pre-book your Roman Forum tickets for ease of mind.
Did you know? Did You Know
  • The Latin name for the Roman Forum is Forum Romanum
  • The Forum was in use for approximately 1400 years! It started around 800 BC to 600 AD
  • There are approximately 4.5 million visitors per year
  • The majority of the structures were built during the reign of Julius Caesar and his successor Augustus.


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