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Spanish Steps - Rome

Up and up they go! Why not count them, see how many there are? These are no ordinary steps, these are the Spanish steps, and don't be confused; you are still in Rome. It's a place to relax and take in the Rome vibes. Book Spanish Steps tickets and tours and combine them with your Rome hop-on hop-off tour for an adventure around the Eternal city. See the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, the Vatican too. But make sure to take a moment and sit on those steps. Reflect on all you've seen, take in the atmosphere and the fact you are in Rome!

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Our tips for Spanish steps

* Reflect and take it all in: The Spanish steps are the place to take a moment and reflect on your Rome trip. Choose a spot, relax and take in the buzz and activity. Promise, it'll be worth it * Sit but don't eat: Really! Its forbidden to eat on the steps and if you do you might find yourself with a fine! Best to walk up them, sit and reflect and find a cafe to eat something.

Good to know

Best time to visit
The steps are open 24/7, unless repairs are being made. They will get busy especailly during the peak season. They are especially nice to visit during the Spring months when the flowers are blooming.
Getting there
The Spanish steps are around 600m from Trevi fountain, so it's a short walk away.
Did you know?

Impress your fellow travellers with these tidbits of information: *The Spanish steps are named so because the Spanish embassy was situated there and the steps were part of it! They were built in the 18th Century to connect the embassy with the Trinita Dei Monti church (which was under French patronage!) * The are the widest set of stairs in Europe! So plenty of room to find a space for a moment without getting in peoples way. * The steps were featured in the film Roman Holiday with Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. Perhaps you can relive their moment from the film?

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