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St. Peter's Basilica (Basilica di San Pietro) Tickets

Grand in stature, with stunning Renaissance architecture. Is it any wonder it's so visited and admired? There is a reason why it's known as one of the most significant churches globally, let alone Rome and the Vatican city. Book St. Peter's Basilica Tickets and you will not only get to explore this most revered of places but also unlock its secrets! Found inside the Vatican city and only a short distance away from many other treasures, Sistine Chapel for one! St Peter's will have you gazing at its architecture in awe. And if you get the skip-the-line St. Peter's Basilica tours, well you'll be able to gaze on in wonder before others! Combine with other Vatican tours, and you will soon have the full majestic picture. If St Peter does lie in rest there, well there can be no more majestic a place to do so.

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Our tips for St. Peter's Basilica

  • Combine or skip-the-line: St. Peter's Basilica is just a part of Vatican city! There are so many treasures to uncover, so combine your ticket to ensure you see it all, and with skip-the-line, you'll be saying goodbye to those queues and seeing the delights before everyone else. Now that's a win in anyone's book.
  • Have the right shoes on: You'll need between 3-5 hours to tour the Vatican fully! That's a lot of walking, so make sure to wear sensible shoes, you really don't want to get sore feet while looking on in awe at all the treasures.

Good to know

Best time to visit
  • The best time to visit the St Peter's Basilica is during the morning, and we're talking earlier the better! It opens usually from 7am, so be sure to get up early.
  • If you do have Vatican skip-the-line tickets then that will help of course if you have to visit later in the day.
  • St. Peter's Basilica can also be very crowded at the weekends and during peak summer season! Early is best for sure.
Getting there
Vatican tours start at the main entrance, so your guide will be waiting for you outside there. It's best to arrive 15 minutes early so leave plenty of time to get there.
Money saving tips

Get the most of your visit and combine with a full Vatican tour, you'll save pennies and get to see more of the stunning works inside other parts of the museum, including the Sistine Chapel.

Did you know?

Impress your fellow travellers with these interesting tidbits of information:

  • None of the paintings inside the church are actually paintings! What! We hear you say. Yep, every one of them is a mosaic! Look closely, and you will see!
  • The church was built because it is believed this is where St Peter is buried. Bones have been discovered of a man in his 60's (which St Peter would have been) at the tomb, so, we'll let you decide!

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