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Stonehenge Tickets & Tours

First erected some 6000 years ago, the mystery of Stonehenge has cast a spell over the world’s greatest minds ever since. Modern calculations estimate that the three phases of Stonehenge’s construction took more than thirty million hours of labour, the transportation of the masses of colossal rocks across mountains and rivers an almost unbelievable feat for humans in prehistoric times. However, the reasons behind the creation of this ethereal, striking site remain vastly unknown. This monolithic monument’s assembling remains a prehistoric puzzle, it’s mystery a healthy reminder that humankind can’t ever know it all. As one of the Seven Wonders of the World, there’s no doubting Stonehenge’s epic significance for humanity both then and now.

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Our tips for Stonehenge

  • Pre-book, always! This wonder of the world attracts many visitors, so booking Stonehenge tours in advance is essential to guarantee admission.
  • Don’t ditch the visitor centre. The site’s vast visitor centre provides context and will ground your Stonehenge day tour, holding a treasure trove of ancient artefacts.
  • Solstice, anyone? The summer and winter solstices in late June and December see crowds of up to 35,000 gather around Stonehenge for sunset and sunrise. Free admission coupled with the amazing community spirit make these solstices a great time for Stonehenge sightseeing.

Good to know

Best time to visit
This mysterious, celestial site is best experienced during quieter times. Arriving in the early mornings or late afternoons means you will miss the worst of the crowds, with most of the London to Stonehenge shuttles and Stonehenge sightseeing buses from peak arrival times around mid-morning and early afternoon. July to mid-September are jam-packed here, so hedge your bets and organise your Stonehenge day trips for the months of April to June when weather remains pleasant, too.
Getting there
Stonehenge tour buses from London run every day during summer and most days during winter. Trains to the nearest station at Salisbury also come regularly. From Salisbury, hop aboard one of the many buses to the site for your Stonehenge day tour.
Money saving tips
Strapped for cash? History buffs can enjoy free admission to Stonehenge with an English Heritage and National Trust annual membership. Plus, our range of budget-friendly Stonehenge day trips packages from London to Stonehenge will also provide extra bang for your buck.
Did you know?
Impress your fellow travellers with these interesting titbits about Stonehenge…
  • A total of 83 stones make up Stonehenge, with just two types of stone, the larger sarsens, and the smaller bluestones, used throughout.
  • The purpose of the Aubrey Holes, a circle of 56 pits inside the enclosure, remains unknown. Some believe that the pits once held posts or large stones.
  • During various excavations on-site, archaeologists found various types of Roman pottery and tools, suggesting this site was regularly visited by Romans in this period.

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