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Tower Of London Tickets

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A Royal Palace, mint, fortress, prison, menagerie and jewel house, the Tower of London has worn many hats in the past 900 years. Built as both a protector and a Palace, the Tower of London’s stonewalled turrets are home to a compelling and brutal history. Here, countless game-changing moments in British society unfurled, from the executions of Kings and Queens to the imprisonment of war spies, and everything in between. Alongside it’s beautiful riverside surrounds and it’s mighty stone facades, a stroll through these palace grounds reveals a darker, more threatening side of United Kingdom’s history, bound to captivate from the moment you arrive.
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Eiffel Tower tickets sell out - use the calendar to see the products available on your travel dates
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Tower of London


OUR TIPS FOR Tower of London

  • Go bird watching. Look out for the six ravens that live within the Tower’s grounds. Legend has it that six ravens must remain within the Tower at all times otherwise the monarchy will fall. Each birds’ wings are clipped to ensure they don’t fly away from home.
  • Tour the Tower. Free Tower of London tours, each conducted by the Yeoman Warders, run every 30 minutes from the Tower’s entrance gates. Granting behind-the-scenes access, fascinating commentary and the chance to chat to the Tower’s legendary Beefeaters, this tour is a must when visiting the Tower.
  • See the jewels. No Tower of London tours are complete without seeing the Crown Jewels. At the Crown Jewels exhibition, visitors get the chance to take in the treasures up close and uncover the key role the Tower has played in safeguarding these timeless heirlooms of the British monarchy.


Best Time To Visit When it comes to avoiding lengthy lines and crowds at this iconic London attraction, the early bird gets the worm. Head to the Tower in the early mornings on both weekends and weekdays for a quieter and more pleasant sightseeing experience. Gates open from 9am on Tuesday – Saturday, while admission starts at 10am on Sundays and Mondays.
Getting Around The District and Circle Underground tube lines pass through Tower Hill station very regularly. From the station, it’s just a five minute walk to the Tower. A key central London site, many buses also stop at the Tower of London.
Money Saving Tips Free tours by the iconic British Beefeaters keep costs limited to the Tower of London tickets itself, and with discounts available for children and families, students and seniors, you’ll find a visit to the Tower of London shouldn’t break the bank. For further discounts and deals, check out our range of products, which often include reduced prices when booking Tower of London tickets in advance.
Did you know? Impress your fellow travellers with these interesting titbits about the Tower of London…
  • A group of six ravens live at the Tower of London. Originating from the once widely held superstition that “If the ravens leave the tower the Kingdom will fall…”, the six ravens presence is said to protect the Crown and Tower.
  • 22 executions took place at the Tower of London and countless others were imprisoned here. Two Kings and three Queen met their death within the Tower’s walls, including Anne Boleyn, Henry the VIII’s second wife.
  • The Tower of London once housed it’s own Royal Zoo. Established in the 12th century, the Tower’s zoo held many exotic animals within it’s walls including kangaroos, polar bears, lions, elephants and ostriches. Following the zoo’s closure in 1835 (some 600 years later!), the remaining animals were transported to the London Zoo in Regent’s Park.


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