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It may be pricey – and, let’s be honest, very touristy – but there’s a reason why this kitsch attraction is one of London’s most popular. Each day, locals and travellers alike line the streets of Madame Tussauds early in the morning in a bid to beat the queues to the world’s most popular wax museum. Despite their best efforts though, attempts to avoid crowds prove relatively pointless – where there is a Madame Tussauds, the crowds will follow. The chance to cuddle up and get a photo-op with your favourite celebrities – the Queen, Miley Cyrus, Usain Bold, Benedict Cumberbatch, and the countless other lifelike wax models that find pride of place within these walls – proves just too popular.

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  • Our tips for Madame Tussauds Our tips for Madame Tussauds
    • Bring a book. Despite all your best efforts (booking online tickets, arriving early and visiting during off-peak periods), a wait is unavoidable at Madame Tussauds. We suggest you keep a book handy and read your way through the queue.
    • Don’t pick any door. Seven entrances to Madame Tussauds mean you have to be on your toes to avoid lining up in the wrong queue. Double check your Madame Tussauds ticket for entry details or ask a member of staff if in doubt.
  • Good to know Good to know
    Best Time To Visit Timing is everything when you’re visiting Madame Tussauds London. While many tend to flock to Madame Tussauds early in the day to beat the queues, we suggest bucking the trend and heading to the site during the late afternoon for a quieter experience. Plan your visit for outside the summer months and you’ll be rewarded with significantly less waiting times too.
    Getting There The closest tube station to this central London attraction is Baker Street, which is thankfully serviced by various lines including Bakerloo, Jubilee, Circle, Metropolitan, Hammersmith & City lines. Buses run regularly through the area and stops are close by to Madame Tussauds.
    Money Saving Tips If ever there was a time to book in advance, this is it. Madame Tussauds tickets on the door are notoriously pricey, so be sure to book in deals to the site well before arrival. Have a nosey on our website for some epic deals.
    Did you know? Impress your fellow travellers with these interesting titbits about Madame Tussauds…
    • Madame Anna Maria Tussaud was a real person. ‘Marie’ as she was known, was drawn to wax models from a young age. Her mother served as the housekeeper for Dr. Philippe Curtius, who made wax models to illustrate anatomy, and she picked up the craft from him. A wax model of Madame Tussaud herself is in her own museum – she did her own portrait just eight years before she died when she was 89.
    • Madame Tussauds London was bombed by the Germans in 1940. More than 350 head moulds were destroyed as a result.
    • To account for the wax shrinking, all figures are made to be two percent larger than the real person actually is.

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