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The Shard Tickets London

Rise above the rest with your View from the Shard tickets! For the best possible views of the city during your London vacation, you’ll need to take a Shard trip and capture the most spectacular photographs. Also experience the best of London with Thames Cruise, London Bridge tour, St. Paul’s Cathedral tickets and more but don’t forget to spot these from the top of the Shard to enjoy 360-degree views.

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Our tips for The Shard

  • Plan Ahead. Because there is limited space at the top, you might be disappointed if you wait until the day of your intended Shard tour to purchase your tickets. Try booking online to reserve your place at The View from the Shard!
  • Thank God it’s Monday. The Shard London Bridge receives far more visitors during the weekends and school holidays. If you’d like to take your time at the top, then you should consider booking your Shard trip for a weekday.
  • Bundle up. Unless you find yourself at the top of The Shard during a rare heat wave, chances are it will be chilly on the open-air terraces. Bring a jacket so that the cold won’t force you to leave earlier than you would have liked.
  • Save extra. If you’re planning a comprehensive London vacation, consider picking up the London i-Venture Card, which provides free access to The Shard and many other London attractions.

Good to know

London’s tallest building is perfect to relax with friends on the magnificent, open-air terrace. The Shard is a rather environmentally friendly structure. Over 95% of the building materials used to construct The Shard were recycled for this monumental project.

Surprisingly, The Shard stands as the tallest building in all of Europe, excluding Russia, at 1,016 feet. Each of the 11,000 panes of glass forms individual shards that incline slightly inward. None of the 4 corners of The Shard actually meet. This allows the building to breathe, as intended.

The Shard is 309.6 meters in height with 56,000 sq meters of glass façade and 11,000 panels. Its massive glass façade can accommodate eight football pitches in it. Also known as London Bridge Tower, The Shard is the 96th tallest building in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is the best time to book the Shard tour?

    Book your Shard tickets for the summer to enjoy a clear, sunny day from the top. Arriving during the winter pretty much guarantees that you’ll have to bundle up and brave the elements. However, winter draws the least amount of tourism in London, so you just might have the whole place to yourself.

  • Q: How do I get there?

    If you plan on using the Tube, then you should take either the Northern Line or the Jubilee Line to London Bridge Underground Station. Then, all you have to do is exit the Tube and follow the ubiquitous signs for The Shard and/or Joiner Street. If you prefer to ride the bus, you will need to take Bus Nos. 43, 48, 141, 149, or 521 to London Bridge Station and then walk a short distance to The Shard.

  • Q: Is there a time restriction to the visit to the Shard?

    You can spend as much time as you want during your visit to the Shard.

  • Q: Are there any facilities for the disabled at the Shard?

    Yes, the Shard is accessible for everyone from the ground till all the way to Skydeck Level 72. Level 1 and Level 68 also come with disabled toilet access.

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