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Book top-rated Bournemouth tours and tickets at the best prices on isango and grab the best deals and discounts! Miles of pristine beaches and summer sunshine make Bournemouth one of the most popular tourist destinations in England. A charming Victorian seaside resort on the South Coast of England, there’s a whole gamut of experiences awaiting you, whether you plan to stay a week or a weekend. Explore the best pubs and clubs in England, admire the chalk cliffs and sandy beaches, and spend time in stunning locales. Visit the top draws of the resort like the Bournemouth Beach, Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, Lower Garden, the upmarket Westbourne area, Oceanarium, and the Boscombe Chine Gardens among many others. Check out a wide range of Bournemouth tickets and tours online and book early to avoid disappointment!
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Our tips for Bournemouth

Smart tips to make the best of your Bournemouth vacations: The beaches: Your trip to the charming seaside resort just isn’t complete till you’ve spent time at some of its gorgeous beaches. Visit the Boscombe Beach with its vibrant promenade, lively beach games, and famous pier. The beaches of Durley Chine, Alum Chine, and Southbourne are equally charming but less crowded. New Forest National Park: Visit the New Forest National Park if you wish to reconnect with nature. A scenic and verdant woodland beyond the city, this is the perfect place to unwind and relax amidst endless green rolling hills, lakes, and lush woodlands. Boscombe Market: Experience Bournemouth through its culinary scene at the Boscombe market. Check out an assortment or artisanal knickknacks, try some local produce, and tantalize your taste buds with Indian, Thai, and Brazillian delicacies.

Good to know

Best time to visit
March to early May is the best time to visit Bournemouth. April is perfect for sightseeing as there’s very little or no rains. The hottest month is July. Even the winter months have their own charms as you can stroll along the promenade and hangout at the many cafes and restaurants. So if you’re planning to visit, November could also be an option.
Getting around
Bournemouth has a very efficient public transport system. The More Buses have a choice of zone tickets with different pricing depending on how far out of Bournemouth you want to travel. Some of the routes run all night long. The Bournemouth Coach Station is about a 20-minute walk from the centre of town. Get a day ticket with unlimited travel and enjoy access to routes covering Bournemouth, Poole, and Christchurch. If you wish to travel to London from Bournemouth, it will take you 97 minutes by train. There are routes from Manchester all the way to Bournemouth as well as destinations all over UK.
Money saving tips
If you’re considering a pocket-friendly vacation, then book a Getting About SmartCard and save money on transportation. The city’s attractions are too far apart to walk and taxis can be expensive. The card can help you stay within your budget even when you are sightseeing extensively. Looking to save money on food? Ditch the cafes and restaurants and go shopping in the Boscombe market. Even if you don’t want to cook, there’s a wide variety of ethnic food stalls to eat from. Plus, you can enjoy healthy eating with all the fresh produce available there. And finally, be a smart traveler and book well in advance to avoid paying the last minute inflated rates!
Did you know?
Cool facts about Bournemouth to impress fellow travelers with! Bournemouth Beach is officially the best beach in the UK, the 6th best beach in Europe, and the 20th best beach in the world! George Harrison wrote his first Beatles song, Don’t Bother Me, whilst in Bournemouth. The town of Bournemouth founded in 1810 was a part of Hampshire until 1974, when it became part of Dorset. The Bournemouth 7s Festival is the world’s largest sport and music festival. Rugby, netball, volleyball, hockey, or dodgeball tournaments are held through the day and the mega event turns into a music festival in the evening.

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