Munich: A City of the Traditional and Modern: Best Things to Do

by Gavin Darvell

Munich: The people are gathered in eager anticipation for the next beer! There’s the sound of clinking of Bavarian beer glasses and the shouts of a jubilant crowd as the beer arrives. Yep, it’s time to wiggle into your Lederhosen and join the throng of excited people. After all, it’s Oktoberfest; Munich is alive with the sights and sounds of this famous drinking festival.

Oktoberfest is Munich’s big draw. The time when the city is alive, and the clanking of tankard rules! Of course, you don’t need the Lederhosen, and you don’t need to visit the city of art and beer only when the festival is on. Although you’ll see the city in a different light if you do.

Beer has been a part of life here for centuries, and the festival celebrates that. Whether you attend the festival or decide to explore at a different point in time, Munich is much more than just an excuse to drink. We look at the best things to do before the beer!

In and around the city: Modern v Traditional

Munich centre

You can explore several areas; the Kunstareal, which is the Munich art quarter, has places to savour the art, from the local scene and to the masters. You’ll even find there is a museum for one of the country’s famous car brands BMW.

History also dominates this city’s backstory and is well worth learning about. Everything from King Ludwig 1 to Richard Wagner, Hitler and the Third Reich. There are other prominent figures to learn about, and plenty of tours and attractions allow you to do so. The list is long, but make sure to include some of the following places of interest.

• Old and New Town Hall

• Cathedral Frauenkirche

• Viktualienmarkt – the farmer’s market

• Max-Joseph Square with the Opera House and Palace Residenz.

• Arch of Triumph

Discover them all and save the beer halls and oompah bands for later! And that’s before we’ve even mentioned Maximilianstraße, Munich top shopping street or taking in a game at the giants of German football, Bayern Munich!

Trips out of Town

Neushwanstein Castle near Munich

If you’re looking for a brilliant day away, then how about an extraordinary castle. It’s enchanting, spectacular and possibly one of the most famous and pictured castles in the world. Neuschwanstein Castle in the heart of Bavaria.

You’ll know the castle. Sphere like turrets strutting from the windowed white walls atop the hill shrouded by trees. Standing there, on the side of mountain, the centrepiece to the surrounding countryside. It’s truly awe-inspiring and, for a good reason, one of Bavaria’s top away days. So make Munich your base and go be enchanted.

There is much to admire and take in on a visit to Munich. And the list of attractions and activities is only a synopsis of what’s available to explore. So, drink the beer, sing along with the bands and the crowds. But be sure to look beyond the beer halls. Munich is waiting. Prost!

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