The Rise of Japan Today, But What About Tomorrow?

by Gavin Darvell

Japan has for many travelers been a destination on their bucket list. Not hard to see why! And with the nation hosting three global sporting events – Rugby World Cup, Olympics and Paralympics – in the space of 12-months. The destination is one that has sped to the top of people’s wish lists.


The positive impact of countries hosting sporting events on tourism is tangible. With the demand for our Japanese ticket sales increasing, as well as an additional 154 experiences added since the start of the year. Like the various Japanese cuisine tours where you discover the best authentic Japanese street food taste.  Or a cultural curiosities shopping tour in Tokyo. On that you explore the charming neighborhood of Ningyocho (Nihonbashi district) with a local guide. There are also the Maiko Performance and Tea Ceremony Tours in Kyoto which are absolutely intriguing and a must-visit when visiting Japan.



Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

Japan is a country filled with cultural history, intrigue and quirkiness. And it is these three factors that are driving travelers desires to book experiences that go outside of the ‘traditional’ holiday activity.

Yes, many are booking excursion tickets to see and learn about iconic cultural sites. But they are also wanting more from, learning how to make Japanese umbrellas or floor lamps to a hosted night out with Nagoya locals. Essentially they want to get under the skin of Japan.



Traditional umbrella making

Whilst Japan is feeling the halo effect of being on the international sporting stage. Tourism numbers will have a positive rise. What we and many tourism businesses need to consider and plan for long term is once the Paralympics turn off the lights on its closing ceremony, how do you continue to attract a strong traveler audience?


isango! will continue to work with our on the ground partners to keep launching new experiences. Tours that bring a taste of Japan or cultural heritage to life. Trends show travelers would like immersive experiences and it is these that we will keep looking to uncover and offer.

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