Spanish Experts

Kalyani DhundeleKalyani Dhundele

Indian writer with the Spanish touch. A melophile with a love of dance, shoes and travel.

From New Delhi, Kalyani is a Sheldon Cooper at heart with a Carrie Bradshaw-esque attitude. A nerdy fangirl of fantasy tv/movie series. Harry Potter or Game of Thrones anyone? And dreams of strutting in a pair of Louboutin’s one day! Her interest in everything Latin, be it music, food or culture, is what got her into learning Spanish. She one day hopes to explore Spain and South America as speaking their native language must have its perks!
Manuel ZelayaManuel Zelaya

A curious guy from Argentina. Passionate about discovering different cultures

Coming “from the end of the world”, as someone said some time ago, Manuel is an Argentinian sports fan, currently living in India. He is particularly fond of landscapes, as he had the fortune of living for nine years in the magical San Carlos de Bariloche, one the jewels of Argentinian Patagonia. Before coming to India, he also lived in the historical city of Córdoba, where he cultivated a deep love for history and culture, turning him into a museum and art aficionado.
Ricard AumedesRicard Aumedes

Sharing my European adventures to a make you a restless soul too

“Un cul inquiet” (A restless ass!) is what Ricard's mum has called him from the first moment he left home. Originally from Lloret de Mar, Ricard continues to be drawn to the sea. His favourite places include Tarifa, Fuerteventura and San Sebastian. Hawaii is very much on his travel radar. Away from work, Ricard plays the guitar, so whenever he travels his ukulele is always first in the suitcase. This restless traveller hopes to share his travel memories and inspire other restless soles through his words and thoughts.
Susana AlvarezSusana Alvarez

A Spanish and Portuguese expert travelling through South America and World’s Top Theme Parks

Since I was very young my parents took me on exciting trips that made me develop in future years a passion for travel, which eventually became my profession. At 18, I received a set of suitcases as presents and since then I haven’t stopped visiting new places, discovering amazing cultures, tasting new foods, swapping ideas with natives and enjoying every minute of every trip. My passion for travel has taken me to more than 30 countries around the world, and also to some of the best theme parks. I have to say that South America has captivated me each time I have travelled there, and I have a weakness with some of the countries, for example, Argentina, where I lived for a while.