Abu Dhabi – City in the Desert: What to do and Where to Go

by Gavin Darvell

If you like things to be sparkling and new, then Abu Dhabi is for you. Alongside illustrious neighbours like Dubai and Doha, this Emirate city can boast the biggest, fastest, and a whole number of record-breaking attractions and facilities to keep you entertained. Is this gem in the Emirates better, and more entertaining than those other cities? Let’s see.

Gazing out from your hotel window, you can’t help but feel you’re in paradise. The sun glistening on the calm waters. The glass-sided skyscrapers rising into a cloudless sky. You’ll be struck by its beauty and the morning heat. It’s another gorgeous day in this most modern and cosmopolitan of cities. Beach resort, city destination. This city is both and so much more.

What’s on today’s agenda, a little retail therapy in the shopping malls? Perhaps an adventure out into the desert sands? Or a stroll among the artwork of The Louvre Abu Dhabi? You could even throw in some adrenaline-fuelled fun of a roller coaster or water park. With so much to pick from, you’ll never be short of ideas of things to do. With that in mind, let’s point you toward a few top options.


Abu Dhabi Louvre

Photo by Agnieszka Kowalczyk on Unsplash


Louvre Abu Dhabi

Not the Paris one, but Abu Dhabi’s very own offshoot. You may find this is the perfect place to come, as it’s quiet and reflective. It’s an ultra-modern building housing some of the great artist’s work, so perfect for a browse. A little tip for you here, book ahead as it can get busy. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.


Ferrari World

From one extreme to another with a visit to Ferrari World. Tranquillity this will not be, especially when you are hurtling down the roller coaster at speeds that will, well blow your mind. The Prancing Horse welcomes you to one of the most spectacular theme parks on the planet. Thrills are guaranteed.


Yas Island and Waterworld

The Abu Dhabi area for entertainment really is Yas Island. Not only boasts Ferrari World but also many other places of interest, including YAS Waterworld. No place is better for a splash, a soak, water rides and thrills. Oh, and what a way to get cool from the midday heat.


Desert safari

If the man-made adventures are getting too much, then you can always head for the desert. There’s plenty of sand, after all. A desert safari gives you an opportunity to dance in the dunes in 4x4s, dune surf and other memorable activities. It’s a fabulous way to see another side of Emirati life, which leads us nicely to our last option.



Photo by Ayush Jain on Unsplash


Hop-on Hop-off Bus tour

You must explore the city itself. And a hop-on bus tour is the perfect way to do that, especially if you are busy doing all the other options. Explore Abu Dhabi’s high-rise buildings, colossal shopping malls and the Emirates Palace. There’s the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the souks and the beach too.

You can also do a river hop-on version, so it’s not just about getting around on the tarmac. A change in the Abu Dhabi perspective is no bad thing after all.


So, there we are our shallow dive into what Abu Dhabi offers you. We’ve not even mentioned relaxing in the hotels, on the beaches and the many water sports and skydiving activities you can do! Let’s be honest, you can’t be bored when you visit here! So, embrace and enjoy.

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