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Abu Dhabi's buildings rise high into the blue sky, modern and stylish. Eye-catching in their detail. Multi-laned roads stretch for as far as the eye can see into the city or the distant desert. Abu Dhabi, the Manhattan of the Middle East. A city built from the desert sands, where business and commerce mix, stunning attractions and colossal shopping malls tease you in. How best to explore this expansive city? Book Abu Dhabi hop-on hop-off bus tours, and you'll be getting the best views and visiting all the best places at your own pace. See majestic structures like the Emirates Palace. Stroll around the impressive Louvre Museum, feel the thrills of Ferrari World or YAS Waterworld. Enjoy the tranquillity of Sheikh Zayed Mosque as you wander around. Hop on and off where you please and immerse yourself in the wonder of Abu Dhabi – you'll need a good rest on the beach after all that exploring! It's the only way to see the city.
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*Plan ahead: Take some time before heading out on your Hop-on hop-off bus tour by planning out your itinerary. That way you'll save some time and get to see the places you want. *Get some thrills: Why not add in a theme or water park ticket to your hop-on hop-off bus tour? YAS Waterworld for water-based fun or Ferrari World for adrenaline fun! * Take water with you: Always carry a bottle of water as it gets extremely hot during the summer, but also during winter!

Good to know

In terms of weather, the best time to visit Abu Dhabi and take a desert safari is in late fall to mid-spring. This represents the peak season for Abu Dhabi and you'll discover that the weather is quite tolerable between November and April. Then again, just about everyone who is thinking about booking an Abu Dhabi trip knows this, too. Therefore, you might want to prepare yourself to experience increased crowding. Summer is so hot that it's nearly impossible to accurately describe it. But, suffice it to say that even the locals, who have adapted within this region for millennia, still find it intolerable. So, if you take an Abu Dhabi tour in the summer, you'll likely find yourself to be a prisoner within an air-conditioned room.

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