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Pompeii Tours from Rome

Famous for deadly Mount Vesuvius eruption, experience an ancient Roman city, frozen in time, with Pompeii tours from Rome! One of the busiest attractions in Italy, Pompeii has fascinated archaeologists and laypersons alike for over 2 centuries. There’s something about an entire city well-preserved for nearly 2 millennia that piques the interest of almost everyone who hears about it. One your Pompeii Tour from Rome see the bathhouses with their lurid, yet comical, frescoes. Explore the Forum, where all manner of business and gossip took place. And, of course, sneak a peek at the bodies of the victims, preserved by the ash and dry climate, frozen in their final positions. Pompeii leaves an indelible mark on all who enter. And, you’ll never forget your Pompeii Tours from Rome day trip experience, either!


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Our tips for Pompeii

  • Get a guide. Pompeii is massive! And, Vesuvius destroyed whatever street signs there once were. A guide will save you time, frustration, and a lot of walking.
  • Ditch the heels. Make sure you wear flat shoes and watch your footing in Pompeii. The cobblestones are as treacherous as they are innumerable.
  • Stay Hydrated. It’s rather warm in Pompeii and you’ll be walking a lot. Be sure to bring plenty of water with you.

Good to know

Best time to visit
  • Pompeii is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe! If you don’t want the heads of your fellow travelers in every picture you take, consider purchasing a Pompeii tour ticket for late spring or early fall.
  • Summers bring the most tourists and it can be quite loud and difficult to see inside the cramped rooms. To mitigate the crowds in summer, try entering Pompeii in the early morning or a few hours before close.
  • Winter is least busy and you might want to layer your clothing while you are touring these hilltop ruins.
Getting there
  • Many travellers plan Pompeii Day Trips from Rome. Every 30 minutes or so, a high-speed train departs from Roma Termini Station en route to Naples Centrale Station. The trip takes about 70 minutes and costs just over 20 bucks, each way, if you book in advance.
  • If you try to purchase tickets on the day of your planned Pompeii daytrip, it might cost more than double! Then, once you have arrived at Naples Centrale, go downstairs to the Circumvesuviana Railway Station. Here, everyone buys their tickets on the spot as no reservations can be made.
  • Simply hop on the train that ends in Sorrento and hop off at the Pompeii Scavi – Villa di Misteri stop. Exit the station, cross the street, turn right, and the entrance to Pompeii is 100 yards away.
Money saving tips

Travelling on a budget? Don’t worry! If you can’t afford a guide and plan to discover Pompeii on your own, consider purchasing a global ticket. For just a few extra bucks, you get access to Pompeii, Herculaneam and Oplontis, Stabia, and Antiquarium of Boscoreale. That’s a great value!

Did you know?
  • The modern city of Pompei was founded in 1891. At that point, the second “i” was dropped from the name, perhaps to differentiate it from the ruined city.
  • Although it was previously believed that the main cause of death after eruption was suffocation, scholars have recently calculated that heat exposure was the main killer.
  • Pompeii draws well over 2 million visitors a year!
  • In November of 2010, the 2,000-year-old House of the Gladiators collapsed. The cause is believed to be water infiltration. And, the result has been accusations of neglect by those in charge of safeguarding the site.

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