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Ice Cave Tour Iceland

Go and experience a strange and magical world! Like a scene out of a blockbusting Hollywood adventure movie! You're entering the world where nature has been in creative mode, a mesmerising experience that'll have you gazing in awe at the wonders before your eyes. Book Reykjavik Ice Cave tours and try something uniquely different. For that is what you get with these experiences, a unique tour that'll have you looking at Iceland in a completely different way. These ice caves referred to as the Crystal Caves are a wonder to behold. Take time away from the Blue Lagoon and Northern Lights and head beneath the surface, it'll open your eyes!


High demand, seasonal availability and unexpected closures can be the reason. We're working on getting it up and running. Meanwhile, you can search for other activities on our website. We don’t want you to leave disappointed!

Our tips for Ice Cave

* Wrap up warm: Most of the caves, bar two are only available to visit during the winter. So if you are going to visit make sure to pack the thermals! It's going to get a little chilly! * Combine for the ultimate nature watch: Take your nature spotting to the ultimate high and combine your Ice Cave tour with witnessing the Northern Lights or Whale watching.

Good to know

Best time to visit
It's best to visit these natural wonders during the winter season, from mid-October to mid-March
Getting there

All tours are guided, so check your tour for full details.

Did you know?

Impress your friends with these interesting tidbits of information: * 11% of Iceland is covered by ice! Which makes it impossible to know exactly where all the caves are! * Now this is long! The Kverkjoll Glacier Cave in Vatnajökul glacier is 2.8km long! * Technically you should call the ice caves - glacier caves as they are formed by ice. Ice caves are usually normal caves with lots of ice

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