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Ready to go underground? Iceland’s lava caving tours are world famous, drawing both professional and amateur speleologists from around the globe. An adventure in the true sense of the word, lava caving in Iceland demands both physically fit and properly equipped participants. Once inside, you’ll go where very few people have gone before. Ancient caves and tunnels formed by lava flows occurring thousands of years ago provide a surreal backdrop during your Icelandic lava caving tour. You’ll see stalagmites, stalactites, igneous rock formations, and more! If you are an extreme sports enthusiast, then lava caving is what to do in Iceland!
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Our tips for Lava Caves

  • Bet your boots. During your Icelandic lava caving trip, you’ll find some of the surfaces to be quite slippery. Wear protective, waterproof boots with proper grip or you might be sliding around!
  • Due diligence. All lava caving tour guides provide helmets. But, some even provide rubber pants and crampons. If you research what each tour provides, you’ll be rewarded later.
  • Down and dirty. It doesn’t matter how much equipment you have or what kind of clothes you wear. You will get dirty! Mentally prepare yourself ahead of time!

Good to know

Lava caving in Iceland is available year-round. However, the best time for your Icelandic lava caving trip is in July and August. These two months see the warmest temperatures, the least amount of rain, and the most daylight. However, if you’d like to see the Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, then come February to March or September to October, especially during the equinoxes. Winter is understandably frigid; but, it is also the best time to see some impressive ice formations while lava caving in Iceland. So, bring your thermals and a sense of humor!

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