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At first glance, you'd think the Perlan Museum was an alien spaceship! It's top a circular disk ready to spin off into the starry night sky. Look closer. You'll find that it's one of Reykjavik's most exciting museums. It is a place dedicated to helping its visitors understand nature and just how Iceland was shaped into the incredible island you see today. Book Reykjavik Perlan Museum tickets and get yourself ready for a trip into the inside working of mother nature herself. Discover how glaciers were formed; head inside an ice cave! See the planets in the planetarium and enjoy and understand the wonder that is the Northern Lights. Then grab the spectacular view from the rooftop viewing area. Surveying the sights of Reykjavik itself. Educational and fun, that's the Perlan Museum.


Our tips for Perlan Museum

  • It's not just a museum: Nope, it's much more than just a museum. It's a viewing platform, as it sits atop Oskjuhlio hill, Reykjavik's highest. And an interactive place to learn about how Iceland really ticks!
  • See the whole of Iceland in one place: If you can't get out and about that much, the Perlan museum will ensure you understand everything about Iceland. From the Northern Lights to nature. It's a museum that has it all.
  • Book to see the Arora: Talking of the Northern Lights, if you want to experience nature's dance. Well, make sure to book the Arora show. It's a little more expensive but means you can watch this stunning natural feature.

Good to know

Best time to visit
  • As this is an indoor attraction, you can visit it any time of year. If you are visiting during the Summer then you'll experience the long days.
  • Some 21 hours of daylight is possible. So, you'll get to see the midnight sun.
  • Go during winter, and you have a greater chance of seeing the northern lights. Although Mother Nature may not always play ball with you.
Getting there
  • If you fancy a walk and want to get some Reykjavik air, then the Perlan Museum is some 30 to 40 minutes walk away. Or if you have a hire car around 10 minutes from downtown Reykjavik.
  • Public buses also run with line 18 stopping the closet. And for a final alternative, you could take the free shuttle bus, which picks you up at Harpa music hall. No excuses not to get there.
Money saving tips

Book your tickets in advance so as not to miss out on the best of deals. You'll save your pennies for other activities and nights out.

Did you know?

Impress your friends and fellow travellers with these tidbits of information:

  • You'll learn about plenty of exciting things at the Perlan Museum. Did you know that over 60% of the Icelandic population are based in Reykjavik?
  • They took their time finding Iceland! It's the last place on earth to be settled by humans. Did they save the best till last? We'll let you decide.
  • After exploring the museum, you might want to relax with a beer. Pre-1989 beer was banned! Thankfully they have changed that rule now.

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