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Experience New York City with us

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There’s nowhere quite like New York. The city that never sleeps remains the leader of the urban pack, with an adrenaline-charged atmosphere and constant throng of city-slickers giving this town a unique vibe that can’t be replicated. Age-old New York attractions like the Met, Guggenheim and the Museum of Modern Art are cultural meccas for creatives the world over, while the decadent lanes of Wall Street and the Lower East Side evoke an old-world charm of years gone by. A trendsetter in culture, art and fashion, New York’s streets are host to a plethora of people and places. An immigrant city at its core, the city’s avenues are home to more than 200 ethnicities in a mega mishmash of culture that just works. Whether you’re after street eats or fine dining, parks or pavements, luxe boutiques or vintage street markets, you’ll find it all and more in the big apple.


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Eiffel Tower tickets sell out - use the calendar to see the products available on your travel dates
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Things to do in New York City


OUR TIPS FOR New York City

  • Get tipping. America’s wages for bar and wait-staff are notoriously low so tipping for these services is a must. Around 15% in tips is standard, while anything over 20% guarantees an attentive waiter all night long.
  • Tread carefully. New Yorkers may not always obey pedestrian traffic signals, but visitors should tread more carefully. Traffic in this city is choc-a-bloc so keep alert when navigating city streets.
  • Think before you drink. The legal drinking age in the United States is 21 and over.
  • Get off the Island. There’s plenty of things to do in New York outside of Manhattan. Consider embarking on some New York day trips to the city’s outer boroughs. Brooklyn offers chic, budget-friendly hotel stays while Queen’s eclectic culture brought it to the top of Lonely Planet’s 2015 USA Destination Guide.


Best Time To Visit Rain or shine, if you’re wondering what to do in New York, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Weather-wise, autumn and spring are the most favourable times to commence your New York sightseeing, with pleasant conditions perfect for exploring the city on foot. Looking for cheap deals for New York day tours? The deep winter months between January to mid-March are your best bet, and there are significantly less tourist crowds to contend with at this time of year.
Getting Around Navigating New York’s sprawling boroughs can be testing. Here’s our travel breakdown of the best ways to get from A to B in the big apple.
  • The NYC subway is your best bet for getting around the city quickly, and it’s not as hard to crack as you may think. Plan some key routes before your arrival to the city to ensure hassle-free travel.
  • Like biting into your first pizza slice, hailing a cab in New York is a rite of passage for first-timers to the city. Be sure to share your fare with fellow travellers for a cost-effective trip, New York taxi rates can be expensive and you will get stuck in traffic.
  • Walking is the best way experience every detail of the city, and the grid-patterned numbered streets make it easy to get your bearings on foot. For first-time navigators, New York tours will provide hassle-free travel between the city sites.
Stay Safe New York is a relatively safe city, but it’s important to stay street-savvy during your time here. Keep these precautions in mind to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch…
  • Don’t get on an empty subway car. Whether it’s spilled fluids or broken air-conditioning, it’s empty for a reason, and you could be risking your safety by boarding.
  • For assistance in any emergency situation, dial 911.
  • In the evenings walk in well-lit areas and stay alert and wary around strangers, especially if you’re travelling solo.


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