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Brooklyn Tickets & Tours

Once upon a time, a Brooklyn Tour might have been a questionable prospect. But, the new and improved borough of Brooklyn offers quite a lot of cultural value for the casual tourist. It’s now not only a safe place to visit, it’s also quite swanky. Already home to Coney Island and the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, Brooklyn also plays host to a number of other cultural events. If you arrive in the summer, check out the Coney Island Mermaid Parade or the Art of Brooklyn Film Festival. Or, if you find yourself in Brooklyn during Labor Day, take part in the Carnival. The truth is that there are always things to do in Brooklyn, regardless of the season. This borough has been drawing young professionals and artists from across the state and country, creating a micro-melting pot of talented fun-lovers. So, grab a piece of pizza and stroll down the street in search of fun and games. It’s what to do in Brooklyn!

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Our tips for Brooklyn

  • Save n’ Splurge. Everyone knows about the high cost of living in New York. Eating at restaurants for both lunch and dinner could drain your wallet rather quickly. Save money by packing a lunch and water bottle. Then, use the money you saved on lunch to buy dinner.
  • B&B Rental Factory. Want to visit Brooklyn the smart way? Consider an online private rental when searching for accommodations. You might save enough dough to buy a couple extra meals.
  • See no evil, hear no evil. Brooklyn possesses no immunity against the noise caused by the New York traffic and nightlife. Consider packing both an eye-mask and ear-plugs.

Good to know

Best time to visit
The weather during a Brooklyn trip can change from minute to minute. But, for warm, clear days and crisp, cool nights during your Brooklyn sightseeing vacation, May and October are your best bets. During the steamy summer months, Brooklyn plays hosts to an eclectic mix of concerts, film festivals, and other cultural events . The holiday lights shine brightly in Brooklyn during the winter; and, you should plan for cold temperatures.
Getting there
  • Can a subway system also be a Brooklyn attraction? In a sense, yes! As a world-famous, transportation icon, the New York subway represent a must-see stop on your Brooklyn Tour. Plus, the New York subway gets you from Point A to Point B rather efficiently.
  • For stress-free Brooklyn day tours, purchase a 7-day or 30-day MetroCard. For just over $30, you get unlimited rides on the subway and busses for 7-days.
  • Traffic in New York can be almost incomprehensible at times. If you are unfamiliar with the area and lack the patience to deal with incessantly honking horns, you should avoid driving. Just take the subway and busses and save yourself the stress. It’s what to do in Brooklyn
Money saving tips
  • Let’s be honest, shall we? You are going to be walking in Brooklyn at night. While this practice represents little danger, you should still avoid walking very late at night on empty streets.
  • Try to appear highly aware, confident, and undistracted. Don’t talk on your phone while walking to your hotel after a long night on the town.
  • Do your best to avoid East New York and Brownsville. It shouldn’t be hard to do because these neighborhoods lack anything of interest for your average traveller.
Did you know?
Quick Trivia – Impress your whole group with these Brooklyn factoids.
  • The designer of the Brooklyn Bridge, John A. Roebling, crushed his foot while choosing the location of what would be his final masterpiece. Doctors amputated his toes and he succumbed to tetanus 24 days after the accident.
  • As a dutch farming village in the 1600’s, Brooklyn was originally known as Breuckelen.
  • Morris Michtom, a Brooklyn shopkeeper, created the first “Teddy’s Bear”, in honor of a bear Theodore Roosevelt supposedly refused to shoot while hunting.
  • Nathan’s Hotdogs was founded by an employee of Charles Feltman, who reportedly invented the first hot dog at Coney Island in 1867.

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