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Wall Street and New York Stock Exchange
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Wall Street And New York Stock Exchange Tickets & Tours

Cruise down the wealthiest road in the world during one of several available Wall Street and New York Stock Exchange Tours!  If the sound of a ringing bell makes your palm itch with the anticipation of infinite wealth, then, for you, a Wall Street tour might be one of the best things to do in New York!  At the opening bell, join a Wall Street Walking Tour and check out the New York Stock Exchange, the famous Charging Bull statue, Fearless Girl statue, and other Wall Street attractions.  Or, you can explore Trinity Church, Federal Hall National Memorial, and Trump Tower!  And, you’ll find no shortage of fun-filled, insightful tours of Wall Street.  Why not take the Wall Street Insider Tour and learn the lesser-known facts about Wall Street’s history?  Or, join the Wall Street Financial Crisis Tour and discover what exactly led to the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.  You can even try the Wall Street History Tour:  From Founding Fathers to the Fearless Girl.  It provides a comprehensive look at the ups and downs that Wall Street has experienced.  If you find yourself fascinated by the billions upon billions of dollars transferred through the NYSE each day, then taking a Wall Street trip is what to do in New York!




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Our tips for Wall Street and New York Stock Exchange


  • The First Congress?Those who failed to pay attention in their U.S. History class might be surprised to learn that the first Congress was held in New York’s Federal Hall.Do try to visit it and at least check out the statue of George Washington being sworn in. 
  • Caveat Emptor. Tourists should beware of touts claiming they can get you through the doors of the New York Stock Exchange.Public tours ceased after 9/11, so unless you know someone, you won’t get in.
  • Don’t Overlook Trinity Church.It’s easy to get caught up with all the money being made and lost inside the NYSE and forget to visit Trinity Church during your Wall Street trip.But, you’d be missing some of the oldest stained glass in the U.S.

Good to know

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange is late spring through early fall.  Winter obviously bring freezing temps and plenty of snow.  So, the number of visitors who take a Wall Street tour during the season decreases significantly.  Summer represents the most popular time to take a Wall Street trip, but it is also the season with the highest temps and massive crowds.  But, in late spring through early fall, you can take advantage of mild temps and less tourists.  The shoulder seasons of May-June and September-October might just offer the perfect balance of decent weather and easy accessibility to the top Wall Street attractions. In terms of time of day, lunchtime serves as an interesting spectacle on Wall Street.  You can watch stockbrokers and hedge fund managers running out to grab a quick bite before hurriedly running back to work for that next big transaction.  Similarly, you can experience the extreme hustle and bustle of Wall Street just before the stock market’s opening bell and right after the closing bell.  If you want to see what it takes to make it on Wall Street, showing up at these times is what to do in New York!


Getting there

Getting to Wall Street is simple!  The megalopolis of New York provides no shortage of mass transit options.  If you wish to take the city’s famous subway, which is a New York attraction in itself, then you should hop on the 2/3 or 4/5 lines and alight at the Wall Street station.  Those wishing to take the bus can simply hop on the M55, which basically makes a loop through the heart of Manhattan, stopping at Wall Street twice during each circuit.  Taxis present an enticing option, as well.  If you take a cab, you don’t have to figure out the mass transit systems or fight your way through the subway tunnels.  However, traffic can be unbearable at times and taxi fares are rather expensive.  Another oft-overlooked option is simply walking.  If you’re already in Manhattan, you’d probably be surprised to learn how short the walk to Wall Street is.  Everything is New York is packed closely together, so you can walk, see some of the top New York attractions along the way, and get a better feel for life on the New York City streets.  It’s one of the best things to do in New York if you want to get around like a local!

Money saving tips

Short on cash?  That’s O.K.  You can still explore Wall Street on the cheap.  For example, admission to 40 Wall Street costs nothing and that’s the address of one of the oldest and tallest skyscrapers in N.Y.  And, for better or worse, it’s also the address of Trump Tower.

Did you know?

Quick Trivia – Dazzle your friends with these Wall Street & N.Y. Stock Exchange fun facts!


  • Did you know that Wall Street is so named because it runs along the former site of a defensive wall created by the Dutch colonists back when New York was called New Amsterdam?
  • Very few people know that the New York Stock Exchange was originally called the New York Stock & Exchange Board.Its current name was adopted in 1863.
  • What is the now the New York Stock Exchange was actually founded under a tree.In 1792, twenty-four stockbrokers signed the “Buttonwood Agreement” underneath a Buttonwood tree on Wall Street and Pearl Street.
  • The first actual bank to open its doors on Wall Street was the Bank of New York.Founded by Alexander Hamilton, it was also the first stock listed on the New York Stock & Exchange Board.Believe it or not, Aaron Burr, who infamously killed Hamilton in a duel, was also a founder.


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