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Grand Canyon Tours

Pre-book top-rated Grand Canyon tours and tickets on isango and enjoy the best rates! Step back over 2 billion years in time during a truly spectacular Grand Canyon Tour! As one of the most common entries on billions of bucket lists across the globe, the Grand Canyon enjoys more worldwide fame than any other destination. Whether you are a seasoned trekker or just a weekend warrior, a Grand Canyon trip offers something for everyone. Over 5 million people visit the Grand Canyon each year to enjoy its one-of-a-kind rock-climbing, kayaking, hiking, and photo opportunities. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to check that Grand Canyon tour off your list. Book now: Low price guaranteed!
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Our tips for Grand Canyon

Location, location, location: When it comes to finding accommodations for your Grand Canyon trip, you should prioritize location over amenities. Who wants to drive 30 minutes each day just to get to the rim? Besides, you shouldn’t spend much time in your hotel, anyway! Plan ahead!: The most popular hotels near the Grand Canyon get booked up to a year in advance. You should start planning now! Layer up: The weather in and around the Grand Canyon can suddenly go from one extreme to the other. Wear layers that you can both put on and remove with ease.

Good to know

Best time to visit
March through May and September through November are the best times to visit the Grand Canyon as the temperature is mild, the days are cool, and the crowds are less. Summer is peak tourist season, so if you are planning to visit during that time, be prepared for lots of crowds and limited accommodation availability.
Getting around
At nearly 280 miles in length and up to nearly 80 miles in width, the Grand Canyon is difficult to miss. Most people drive to the Grand Canyon. From Las Vegas, you can hit the West Rim in just over two hours. And, a 4-hour drive will get you from Phoenix to the South Rim. What’s more important is how you will get around the park. Driving everywhere can be a hassle because parking is limited, especially at popular spots. We suggest you take the shuttles. Its hassle-free and will take you almost everywhere you’d want to go.
Stay Safe
Money-saving Tip Short on cash? No problem! Not many people know that you can enter the Grand Canyon National Park for free on certain days of the year, including some national holidays. In 2018, you can save the cost of admission fees for the whole gang on April 21st, September 22nd, and November 11th! Although, you should expect crowds.
Money saving tips
Short on cash? No problem! Not many people know that you can enter the Grand Canyon National Park for free on certain days of the year, including some national holidays. While fees for the tours still apply, you still end up saving a lot! The attraction is extremely popular so you might want to book well in advance to get the best rates. Be warned that waiting lists for the lodges and hotels are sometimes a year-long so book your accommodation and packages as early as possible. You can bring your bike and explore for free (make sure you are within legal boundaries). Some of the trails are also open to bikers.
Did you know?
Interesting Grand Canyon facts to whet your appetite: The Grand Canyon National Park is bigger than the entire state of Rhode Island. Rhode Island is around 1,212 square miles while the Grand Canyon comes in at a massive 1,904 square miles! Temperatures vary greatly within the canyon. The depths of the gorge are notoriously hot during the summer, while the North Rim is often below freezing in winter. The most dangerous animal in the canyon is actually the rock squirrel. You might think that it would be the Gila monsters and bighorn sheep, but tourists are most often bitten by the rock squirrel.

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