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Yarra Valley
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Yarra Valley Tickets & Tours

Savor the finer things in life during a relaxing Yarra Valley trip!  Nestled comfortably between the Yarra Ranges, Yarra Valley is home to dozens of Australia’s best wineries.  So, it’s no wonder that most visitors on a Yarra Valley tour partake in at least one wine tasting.  But, there’s a bunch of other fun things to do in Yarra Valley, like hot air balloon rides, cheese tastings, riding the Puffing Billy Train, and much more!  Why not combine enjoy of the best things in life during a Yarra Valley Wine, Cheese, and Chocolate Tour?  Or, take to skies in a hot air balloon after a scrumptious champagne breakfast.  You can even hit the Yarra Valley Cider and Ale Trail, which includes a delicious gourmet lunch.  And, for those always looking for a good deal, the Yarra Valley Wine & Chocolate Tour Combo Saver also includes one of the most popular Yarra Valley attractions:  The Eureka Skydeck & Edge Experience!  It’s what to do in Yarra Valley if you like to add a little excitement to your Melbourne vacation!


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Our tips for Yarra Valley


  • The Bush.They say “the bush’ll kill ya quick.” So, if you decide to take an adventurous Yarra Valley trip after your wine tasting, make sure you are aware of the dangers related to Australia’s flora, fauna, and topography. 
  • Put it down.If you’re coming from a country that’s a bit more liberal when it comes to alcohol, you should know that getting caught driving with a blood alcohol level above .05 will cut your Yarra Valley tour very short!
  • Plan Ahead.During the peak season, some of the Yarra Valley wineries are fully booked.So, you can’t always waltz right in unannounced.Book online and save yourself the disappointment.

Good to know

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Yarra Valley, like the rest of the world’s wine regions, is in late spring or early summer.  So, in Australia, that’s November through January.  During this time, new grapes are beginning to form and the staffs at most wineries have plenty of time to provide you excellent service and explain the wine-making process.  If you show up during the fall, everyone working at the wineries is busy collecting, crushing, and fermenting grapes.  So, you can expect the staff to be a little preoccupied.  Weather-wise, late spring and early summer are quite nice.  And, although the weather in and around Melbourne stays rather mild year-round, summer can become quite hot and a tad humid.  Finally, you might want to avoid public holidays because you are far more likely to experience large crowds of tourists, both foreign and domestic.

Getting there

Getting to Yarra Valley is a breeze.  Located less than an hour away from Melbourne, Yarra Valley is reachable by a variety of different transportation options.  But, perhaps the best way to get to Yarra Valley is by rental car.  A rental car will allow you to stop along the way if you want to do a little shopping, enjoy nature, or check out a Yarra Valley attraction.  A car provides flexibility that you won’t get anywhere else.  Perhaps the most economical way to get to Yarra Valley is by bus.  You’ll want to take Bus No. 906, which stops at Melbourne Airport, all the way to valley.  Otherwise you can also use the Metro system in combination with the busses.  Just hop on the train at Central Station that heads towards Lilydale.  Then, alight at the Ringwood Station before boarding Bus No. 364 and hopping off at Harding Road on the edge of Yarra Valley.  Finally, taxis can provide service from Melbourne to Yarra Valley.  Although, you’ll find that this represents one of the more expensive options. 

Money saving tips

Short on cash?  That’s O.K.!  Try booking a combo package that pairs two of more Yarra Valley attractions and save a little dough on each.  Smart!

Did you know?

Quick Trivia – Serve as the tour guide for your group with these Yarra Valley fun facts!

  • Yarra Valley has a population of only 40,000; so, you can find peace within the beautiful, natural settings found just outside Melbourne.
  • Yarra Valley is home to at least 70 wineries.  So, if you want to visit them all, it’ll take you over a month if you visit 2 wineries per day.
  • Pinot Noir grapes are by far the most popular grape grown in Yarra Valley.  They represent about 36% of all grapes grown in the valley.  Chardonnay comes in at 27%.
  • In the Yarra Valley, the most venomous snakes are the brown snake and the tiger snake.  So, if you see any snake, just leave it alone.

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