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Book top-rated Uluru tours by reputed tour operators on isango and grab the best deals! Getting a view of this familiar site may be as easy as picking up a postcard, but making the arduous journey to Australia’s remote red centre to see the rock is well worth it. Dating back more than 700 million years ago, the ‘big rock’ remains at the spiritual core of one of the oldest living people in the world, Australia’s Aboriginals. Thirty years ago, this sacred land was handed back from Westerners to its traditional Aboriginal owners, Uluru declared a dual natural and cultural World Heritage Site. Gone are the days when ‘I climbed Ayers Rock’ t-shirts ruled, today the tours of Uluru take a step back in time, offering an inspiring education into Aboriginal culture, folklore and customs. As close to the nation’s geographical center as you can get, the giant monolith remains forever in the heart of Australians and travelers alike.
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Our tips for Uluru

  • Detour to the equally impressive Kata Tjuta region. The spectacular grouping of tall red boulders is a site to see. A visit to the Kata Tjuta region and a tour of the valleys and gorges within and around the domed rocks is a must-do when visiting.
  • Be culturally aware. Remember, this top attraction is also a place of deep cultural and sacred significance to its owners, the Aboriginal Anangu people. Show courtesy and follow your guide’s instructions to ensure your trip is great for you and locals alike.
  • Bring your walking shoes. There’s plenty of things to do in Uluru beyond the big rock, with a bundle of walks and hiking trails to meander on and things to explore.

Good to know

Best time to visit
Uluru is in the heart of Australia’s outback, and can be extremely hot. The best time to visit this spectacular spot is during the cooler autumn and winter months of May through to August, when the weather is most pleasant.
Getting around
Here’s our travel breakdown of the best ways to get to and around Uluru.
  • Making your way to this isolated desert region is a feat in itself. Arrive by plane to Ayers Rock Airport or make the five-and-a-half-hour drive from Alice Springs.
  • Transport in Aussie outback is limited. Book tours that include transfers or hire a car. Hotels in the area usually offer shuttle services to guests also.
Stay Safe
Uluru boasts a beautiful yet harsh environment. Keep these travel tips in tow so your desert trip can go off without a hitch.
  • Drink plenty of water when touring the region. At least one litre of water per person, per hour is recommended.
  • In exploring the national park, follow the directions given by the park rangers, stay on the marked tracks and be sure to walk with another person at all times.
  • Keep a look out for the emergency radios found on all walks in the national park and be sure to alert a park ranger should you need assistance.

Cities Near Uluru

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