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As one of the most isolated cities in the world, it’s easy to assume that Australia’s outback city, Perth, is more than a little behind the times. However, in spite – or perhaps because of – its remote location, Western Australia’s majestic capital remains one of the most sociable and accessible of Australian destinations. With an array of alluring beaches, impressive museums, premium wineries, galleries, and wildlife, Perth gives travellers a taste of Australia’s rural and regal sides. The charming colonial town of Fremantle and Penguin Island – home to thousands of the real-life Happy Feet birds – remain the destination’s biggest drawcards, while ever-changing foodie and music scenes continue to attract visitors to the city centre. All in all, Australia’s most isolated city holds it head high, offering plenty for all ages and interests to enjoy. Perth-fect.

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Things to do in Perth

  • Our tips for Perth

    Our tips for Perth
    • Wine time. Take a Perth day tour and sample a glass or two of Western Australia’s world-renowned, locally produced wines. Less than 20 minutes away from the city, Swan Valley and Darling Range both host stellar vineyard tours through the state’s oldest wine region.
    • Take a hike. Follow one of the many marked hiking trails in Perth for a lovely walk. You’ll be rewarded with stunning views, wildlife spotting, and probably a nice tan, too!
    • Make some furry friends. Perth day trips to Rottnest Island are well worth the effort, granting visitors the opportunity to see some adorable Quokkas in their natural habitat. Only found in Western Australia, Quokkas and many other Australian natives are one of the key Perth attractions, and can also be seen at Perth Zoo
  • Good to know

    Good to know
    Best Time To Visit This city enjoys a whopping average of 300 days of sunshine per year, so your Perth tours are bound to be enjoyable. Visit during the spring months of September through to November for comfortably warm weather, clear skies, blossoming wildflowers and a full events calendar. No matter what the time of year though, there’s plenty of things to do in Perth.
    Getting Around A compact city, here’s our travel breakdown of the best ways to navigate isolated Perth.
    • Ideal for Perth day tours, Transperth operates a free CAT bus within specific zones in Perth, Fremantle, Northbridge and Joondalup. Free buses run every 10 minutes on various routes, covering major Perth sightseeing attractions and destinations.
    • Still wondering what to do in Perth to keep active? Why not make use of Perth’s epic cycling and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure and walk or ride your way around the city.
    Stay Safe Perth is a relatively safe city with markedly low crime rates. Keep these precautions in tow so your trip Down Under goes off without a hitch…
    • Sunburn and dehydration are prominent dangers when visiting Perth, so be sure to drink plenty of water and protect your skin with SPF especially in the hot summer months.
    • As always, avoid walking alone at night, stay aware of your surroundings and keep all your belongings with you at all times.
    • In an emergency, dial 000 for assistance.

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