Book top-rated Mandurah tours on isango! and discover the gorgeous coastal city of Western Australia at budget-friendly rates. Less than an hour from Perth, Mandurah is the perfect weekend getaway for locals and a popular tourist destination. From a somnolent fishing village to a vibrant beach enclave, the gorgeous coastal city has reinvented itself over time and boasts a veritable panoply of attractions including beach and waterfront activities like crabbing, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, dolphin cruises, jet skiing and house boating. Visit the he Peel-Harvey estuary and tuck into the famous lip smacking blue manna crabs, spend time in Dolphin Quay Marina, visit Amaze Miniature Park and take a Mandurah city heritage walking tour. Book well in advance to grab the best rates and check out a wide range of options on isango!

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Our tips for Mandurah

The Mandurah Ocean Marina is the perfect place to hang out, boasting magnificent piazzas, beaches, parks and boardwalks. Try the delicious food and enjoy the picturesque views at the marina. Enjoy kayaking along the winding Murray River and discover the beautiful state forests and national parks in the Peel region. Discover the attractions along the Mandurah foreshore on a heritage walking tour. Learn the history of Mandurah pioneer settlers, enjoy an insight into the bygone era, learn about the pioneer families’ stories and homes, places of interest, the present and Mandurah’s indigenous cultural history. Enjoy a cruise around the canals and estuary – and keep your eyes peeled for dolphins.

Good to know

Best time to visit
This region enjoys an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, so your trip is bound to be enjoyable. Visit during the spring months of September through to November for comfortably warm weather, clear skies and a full events calendar. No matter what the time of year though, there’s plenty of things to do in Mandurah.
Getting around
Mandurah is just a short train ride or an hour’s drive down the Kwinana Freeway. You can also rent a car and drive down from Perth or book a Mandurah sightseeing tour with return transfers from Perth. The simplest way to reach Mandurah is via Kwinana Freeway, exiting Mandjoogoordap Drive. The exit is well sign-posted and will connect you to Mandurah Road into the city centre.
Money saving tips
Visit during the off season if you wish to save money on your Mandurah visit. Book your air fares and accommodation months in advance to grab the best rates and book online to avail loads of great offers and discounts. Shop at the local supermarkets and enjoy at least one home cooked meals and visit the tons of free natural attractions like beaches and hiking trails that the city is so famous for.

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