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With your Rottnest Island tickets and tours, discover the Aussie holiday island boasting the world’s finest beaches and pristine bays. Soak in the easygoing vibe, stunning scenery and the dazzling marine life of Rottnest Island. The island got its curious name in 1696 from the Dutch explorer, Willem de Vlamingh, who mistook the island's unique marsupial population for common rats. Rottnest literally translates to 'rats’ nest'. Today, having a photo taken alongside the 'rats', known as Quokkas, is one of the main attractions for visitors to the island. Enjoy a guided walking tour of the island, walk the Wadjemup Bidi, relax on the stunning beaches, enjoy snorkeling at Little Salmon Bay and Parker Point and enjoy an adventure cruise. Looking to visit the picturesque island at pocket-friendly rates? Book popular Rottnest Island tours at the best prices on isango!

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Our tips for Rottnest

Hire a bike to get around the island. It would cost $30 per day (approx.). Walking is of course a great way to explore the gorgeous island too. But a bike can really help you get around and is an ideal mode of transport on the island. Book your air tickets and tours at least 18 months in advance to grab the best deals. Accommodations and activities tend to get booked out so make sure you have the first mover advantage. Avoid visiting during school holidays as the island can get extremely crowded. You can stock up at the general store on Rottnest Island if you want to save money on food. However, fresh fruits and vegetables can be a bit pricey so you’d be well-advised to carry your own.

Good to know

Best time to visit
November to February is a great time to visit Rottnest Island. The island has a temperate Mediterranean style climate and autumn and spring are a good time to plan a visit as the weather is perfect for outdoorsy activities and water sports.
Getting around
You can reach Rottnest Island from Perth, Fremantle, and Hillarys by ferry. It's a 25-minute ferry ride from Fremantle, a 45-minute ferry ride from Hillarys Boat Harbour in the northern suburbs of Perth, or 90 minutes via ferry from Perth's Barrack Street Jetty.
Money saving tips
Bungalows with basic amenities and campsites (only $38 per night) are ideal for budget-conscious travelers. Spend the day on the beach and rent a bike to explore the gorgeous island. The best part about Rottnest Island is that it can be enjoyed with little or no cost. Enjoy Snorkeling, swimming, jumping off the jetty, fishing, quokka spotting and beach cricket. Since you’re on holiday, not eating out isn’t really an option. But you could have a couple of meals that are bought at the general store or prepared at home (your accommodation).

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