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Cairns, Palm Cove, Port Douglas
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Rainforest and modern city collide in the striking Australian region of Cairns and Port Douglas. At the top of Queensland, the region’s beautiful scenery of pristine beaches, lagoons and rainforests as well as it’s close proximity to bucket-list attractions like the Great Barrier Reef and the Atherton Tablelands has made Cairns and Port Douglas extremely popular among tourist crowds. And with countless luxury resorts, boutique-shopping outlets and a thriving bar scene to suit every whim and fancy, Cairns certainly doesn’t seem to mind.

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Things to do in Cairns and Port Douglas

  • Our tips for Cairns and Port Douglas

    Our tips for Cairns and Port Douglas
    • All the seafood. This tropical location boasts some of the best seasonal fare, with seafood offerings coming in top of the list. Take time out from your Cairns and Port Douglas day tours and enjoy a nice seafood platter (or two).
    • Buy a package. Plenty of Cairns and Port Douglas attractions can put a strain on your holiday budget. Combining your Cairns and Port Douglas tours in a package deal is a great way to stretch your dollar further while travelling.
  • Good to know

    Good to know
    Best Time To Visit Part of Australia’s tropical far north, things will definitely heat up on your Cairns and Port Douglas day trips. While the hottest months may put off other tourists, November through to March promises many things to do in Cairns and Port Douglas, with plenty of the native animals and wildlife at their most active then.
    Getting Around Navigating Cairns and Port Douglas and beyond can be testing. Here’s our travel breakdown of the best ways to find your way through this city…
    • Taxis operate throughout the city, but they can be expensive, so we suggest using taxis on your Cairns sightseeing adventures sparingly.
    • When considering what to do in Cairns, we recommend grabbing a daily ticket for the Sun Bus, which gives you unlimited access to the region’s bus services.
    Stay Safe It’s always important to apply caution and common sense during your travels. Keep these tips in tow so your trip can go off without a hitch…
    • This tropical city can get extremely warm and humid, so it’s vital that visitors take precautions on their travels. Applying sunscreen, donning a hat and sunglasses and staying hydrated are the keys to a happy holiday here.
    • Crocodiles, snakes and marine stingers are part and parcel of staying in this tropical wonderland. Signs will instruct you where they may be, and how to steer clear of them.
    • Dial 000 in an emergency.

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