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Peer down on the entire city of Berlin during your Berlin T.V. Tower tour!  With Berlin T.V. Tower tickets, you’ll soar to the top of the third tallest building in Europe!  Built to emphasize East Berlin’s advances in technology, the Berlin T.V. Tower symbolized communist power for years!  Still operating as a functional antenna, the tower provides access to many different channels.  But, the tower is most famous for its observatory and rotating restaurant.  From over 600 feet in the air, you’ll experience beautiful vistas of the city below.  And, if you don’t feel like waiting before riding the elevator to the top, then you can avail yourself of the Skip-the-line Berlin T.V. Tower Observation Deck ticket.  Or, combine your Berlin T.V. Tower trip with a delicious dining experience in the revolving restaurant.  Such a Berlin T.V. Tower experience allows you skip the line and sit down for meal while enjoying 360° views of the capital.  It’s one of the most breathtaking things to do in Berlin if you’re hoping to create an unforgettable Berlin vacation.


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Our tips for TV Tower

  • If you want your Berlin T.V. Tower trip to be free of massive crowds, then try booking it for the early morning.Very few tourists arrive right when the tower opens.
  • Consider picking up your Berlin T.V. Tower ticket online.It will allow you to skip the line for the ticket booth, saving you a significant amount of time.
  • Check out the weather forecast before booking your Berlin T.V. Tower tour.You want to make sure visibility will be at its best.
  • Time-saving Tip – In a rush?  No problem!  You can save lots of time if you fancy a meal at the top of Berlin T.V. Tower!  Diners who reserve their tables online are allowed to skip the ticket line and the elevator line.  Smart!


Good to know

Best time to visit

If you’re planning a Berlin sightseeing trip, then determining the best time to visit the Berlin T.V. Tower depends on what’s most important to you.  If you want the most spectacular views possible, then you should book your Berlin T.V. Tower tour for just before sunset.  However, you should know that this is by far the most popular time to visit, so give yourself a little extra time to ride the elevators and reach the observatory.  Those visitors looking for a seamless, stress-free Berlin T.V. Tower trip should try to arrive just before the tower opens.  And, if you want to see the city while it’s all lit up at night, you might want to book the last tour of the evening.  Good visibility is of the utmost importance, so you should try to book your Berlin T.V. Tower sightseeing tour during the clearest day possible.  It’s what to do in Berlin for a perfect T.V. Tower experience.

Getting there

Getting to the Berlin T.V. Tower is quite simple.  And, there are a variety of ways to do it.  The entrance to the Berlin T.V. Tower is opposite the Gontardstrasse exit of the Alexanderplatz Station.  By bus, you can take Bus No.  TXL, M48, 100, 200, 248, N5, or N8 to the Alexanderplatz stop.  Or, if you plan to use the tram, you can hop on Tram Lines M2, M4, M5, or M6.  If you are taking the S-Bahn in from the Berlin suburbs, then you’ll need to take the S5, S7, or S75 to Alexanderplatz. And, you can reach the Alexanderplatz Station by U-Bahn if you use the U2, U5, or U8 line.  Taxis are also an option, but a cab represents the most expensive way of getting around the city.  Besides, most visitors to Berlin stay near the city center, so many people simply walk to the Berlin T.V. Tower.  Berlin is very pedestrian-friendly and walking just might be the best way to see the city.


Did you know?

Become the tour guide for your group by reciting these Berlin T.V. Tower facts!

  • The Berlin T.V. Tower’s design was inspired by Sputnik.  Walter Ulbricht hired 3 architects to create a tower that would reflect East Berlin’s technological advancements!
  • If you dine in the rotating restaurant, you’ll see all of Berlin in just 30 minutes.  That’s how long it takes to come full circle.
  • The Berlin T.V. Tower is one of the Top 10 Berlin Attractions, drawing in over 1,000,000 visitors per year.
  • When the sun shines on the Berlin T.V. Tower, the reflected light creates a visible cross.  The atheist East Berliners tried to fix the “problem” with various paints and other applications.  They ultimately failed and the cross of light is known as the “Pope’s Revenge”.

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