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Experience Frankfurt with us

With Frankfurt tours, discover the dynamic German city with top-rated tour operators, bookable on isango! Frankfurt might be Germany’s main commercial hub, but it also offers a lot to those planning a trip in the way of history, culture, and even nightlife. The old imperial city on the River Main has a distinct North American flavor and has hence been nicknamed "Mainhattan" and "Chicago on the Main". The medieval architecture, complete with steeped gables, makes for an excellent backdrop for taking pictures. Visit the Frankfurt Cathedral, which stretches high above the city, explore the Goethe House, Staadel Museum, or the Römer, a cluster of 11 buildings that together made up the medieval-era Old Town Hall. Choose from a wide range of tours on isango! and book at the earliest: low price guaranteed!

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Our tips for Frankfurt

  • Sunday Blues. You’ll want to do your souvenir shopping during the weekdays because most of the shops close on Sundays. It can create a pretty frustrating situation, especially if you waited on souvenirs until the end of your Frankfurt trip only to realize it’s Sunday.
  • Seat Yourself. The vast majority of Frankfurt’s casual dining establishments might look like there’d be a hostess to seat you. But, you’ll soon find that she’s never going to show up because you’re supposed to seat yourself.Don’t stand around unless you want all eyes on you.
  • Smiles Sold Separately. Don’t take offense if the shop or restaurant you visit doesn’t offer service with a smile. The waiter or clerk isn’t being rude.It’s just that an automatic smile isn’t considered central to professional service in Germany. Efficiency is.

Good to know

Best time to visit

April through September is the best time to visit Frankfurt as the weather is mild and perfect for sightseeing.

Getting around
  • The city’s efficient public transport system makes it highly convenient to get around the city. You can travel by the U-Bahn (subways), S-Bahn (commuter trains), trams, and buses.
  • You could also hire a car or book tours with transportation included for a hassle-free experience.
Stay Safe

As one of the largest cities in Germany, Frankfurt suffers from many of the same societal ills common to most metropolises.  So, here are some tips to stay safe:


  • Crowded shopping and tourist areas become a hunting ground for petty thieves and unwelcome scam artists.Pay close attention to your bags and pockets if you find yourself pushing through crowds at a festival or flea market.
  • If you believe you’re being marked for a theft or scam, quickly step inside the nearest shop and ask the clerk for help.Shops also present a safer place to stop, turn around, and look your would-be perpetrator in the eye, which will usually make them find another target.
  • Should you find yourself walking alone at night, make sure you are alert, appear confident, and are not looking at your phone or listening to music with headphones.

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