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North of the Bavarian Alps, Munich is famous for its stunning architecture, world-class museums, galleries, charming locals and it’s penchant for past traditions. Although half the world descends to Munich during the legendary Oktoberfest, there’s plenty more to Munich than a Dirndl and a couple of beer steins. After the mass destruction of WWII, this city rebuilt, and emerging today is a much more eclectic Munich than ever before. A jumbled cityscape of rare historic buildings and ultra-modern architectural gems provide something profoundly different, making this German up-and-comer a key spot on traveller’s European checklist. Nowhere else does high-tech industry and Bavarian custom go hand-in-hand other than Munich. Indeed, the charm of this city lies in it’s happy contradictions, and whether it’s Morris dancing, the live music around Marienplatz or one of the largest modern science museums in the world, the Munich of today has something to offer all tastes.

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Our tips for Munich

  • Winter Wonderland. Although thing’s get chilly in the winter months, one of the top Munich attractions, the traditional Christmas markets, are well worth rugging up for. Hosted in the city for more than 600 years, these markets are renowned as one of the world’s best festive markets.
  • Life in the fast lane. Take a Munich day tour through one of Germany’s most famous exports. The BMW museum’s fascinating look into the past and the future will keep rev-heads entertained for hours.
  • Get your fill. Trying local beers isn’t the only must-do here. There’s plenty of things to do in Munich, with the city known for it’s mouth-watering southern German delicacies, so be sure to dig into Bratwurst, pretzels, and schnitzels while you’re here.

Good to know

Best time to visit
Spring is the ideal time to visit Munich, the weather remains pleasant and the Munich sightseeing activities won’t be as crowded as in the summer or autumn months. If you, like many others, are after the full Bavarian hog, head to Munich in late September for Oktoberfest. It’s worth the hype, we promise.
Getting around
Thanks to a super-efficient German system, we can’t say we’re surprised that finding your way around Munich is super-simple. Here’s our navigation tips...
  • Central Munich is compact and can be explored on foot. Most Munich tours will begin from central locations and are walking distance from many of the city’s hotels.
  • For those taking Munich day trips to suburbs further afield, you’ll rejoice in the city’s excellent public transport services. Tickets for buses, the S-Bahn (trains) and U-Bahn (underground) and trams are all available at low costs depending on your journey.
  • If you're travelling in a group, and still considering what to do in Munich on a budget, be sure to look into the city transport’s group ticket option. Group tickets are available at a discounted rate and can significantly cut costs for travellers.
Stay Safe
Munich is a relatively safe city. Keep these travel tips in tow so your trip can go off without a hitch…
  • In an emergency, dial 110 for police or 112 for fire and ambulance services.
  • Always keep all your personal belongings safe and secure on Munich tours and when in the busy city centre.
  • Crime rates rise considerably during Oktoberfest, so stay cautious and alert when out late at night during festival season.

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