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Checkpoint Charlie Tickets & Tours

The iconic setting for real world politics, diplomacy, and espionage, Checkpoint Charlie has also been used as the backdrop to many a film and T.V. series. For personnel of the Allied forces, it was the only crossing point into East Berlin. It’s possibly the most well-known border crossing in history; and, for that reason and others, Checkpoint Charlie is considered a must-see attraction in Berlin. See where the Berlin Wall once stood, pose for a photo with Allied guards, and then cross over into what was once Soviet-controlled East Berlin!

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Our tips for Checkpoint Charlie

  • Look up. Try to find the sign during your Checkpoint Charlie tour. It is a faithful replica of the original that stood at the checkpoint during the Cold War.
  • Look down. Near Checkpoint Charlie is a line of cobblestones. This marks the former location of the Berlin Wall.
  • Look all around. Pieces of the original Checkpoint Charlie can be found all over Berlin. You may wish to visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum or the Allied Museum to see some original relics from the site.

Good to know

Best time to visit
Checkpoint Charlie is accessible all year long, regardless of weather. That said, the best weather for your Checkpoint Charlie tour is from May to September, where average temperatures range from 57 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit and average humidity is at its lowest. But, keep in mind that these are also some of the rainiest months of the year. Precipitation isn’t severe, however; and, conditions are far better than the rest of the year when average lows are near or below freezing.
Getting there
Like most things in Germany, Berlin’s public transit is pretty efficient. To reach Checkpoint Charlie, you can take U-Bahn line U6 to the Kochstraße station or line U2 to the Stadtmitte station. By bus, take line M29 to the Kochstraße stop or line M48 to the Leipziger/Friedrichstraße stop. But, we definitely recommend walking if you happen to be nearby. From Potsdamer Platz, the nice, short stroll to Checkpoint Charlie includes the Topography of Terror and a long section of the original Berlin Wall at Niederkirchnerstraße.
Money saving tips
Low on cash? No problem! The original and iconic Checkpoint Charlie guard house has been relocated to the open-air Allied Museum (AlliiertenMuseum) in Berlin. And, entrance to the museum is free of charge.
Did you know?
Impress your friends by spouting off these Checkpoint Charlie factoids!
  • Nobody named Charlie worked at the checkpoint. Charlie stands for “C” in the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet (IRSA).
  • American and Soviet tanks faced off at Checkpoint Charlie during the Berlin Crisis of 1961. No shots were fired.
  • Initially, Checkpoint Charlie was far from impenetrable. One DDR citizen escaped by smashing through the gate with his car. When a pole was added, two separate and successful escapes occurred by driving under the pole in modified sports cars.
  • Checkpoint Charlie was the setting for the climax of Bridge of Spies, starring Tom Hanks.

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