Weekend Walk In Stockholm’s Södermalm

by Anna Karmila

Stockholm is always a lovely city to visit, and I try to get there at least twice a year. I prefer not to rush around. Instead, I visit one neighbourhood at a time. My favourite hang-out at the moment is Södermalm. Let me take you through it!


Just like the locals


Södermalm has its’ own unique atmosphere. It’s a mix of old Swedish charm and conscious bohemian hipsterism. Everyone fits right in. These are some of the places I like to look at while wandering around:


Scandinavian Design, old and new


Designtorget is like an upscale version of Ikea. It offers a fresh selection of decorative items that all seem to be just perfect for your home. It’s like a magic trick; everyone finds something that fits their style.

Södermalm is full of vintage and second-hand shops. I like Söders Retro and Design best, mainly because I never know what to expect when I walk in. Amazing chandeliers, porcelain animals, psychedelic textiles, silly coffee cups and glassware.


Music and magazines


For books, magazines and newspapers, you have to visit Papercut. Their ambition is to be the ultimate store for people who consider fashion, art, design, music and film to be an essential part of their life. I find their selection of magazines highly addictive!

Music lovers cannot walk past Pet Sounds, an old-school record store with a great selection of old and new vinyl. Regardless of musical preferences, you’re guaranteed to find something to cater to your taste, from indie and alt-rock to jazz, techno and electro-pop sounds.


Trendy fashion and shoes


Grandpa lifestyle store is all about urban coolness. This shop is where you go to see what’s IN at the moment. The ultimate trend right now is to look as uncool as possible. I love it! You can achieve the same effect by raiding your grandparent’s attic.

Sneakersnstuff is the place to go for the latest and most outrageous models of sneakers. It’s also the only sports shoe shop cool enough to use beautiful flower arrangements as shop decorations. At least they did two months ago; now they are probably already onto something new.


Food and Drink


I always try to find time for some lunch at the Urban deli by Nytorget. They use a lot of locally produced, organic ingredients and everything is still fresh and delicious. Fish of the day has never failed so far.




Sometimes I prefer to sit on a park bench and watch the locals go about their daily lives. Ivar Los Park is perfect for this, being high up on top of a rocky hill. The park is where people go for picnics and to enjoy the lovely view of the harbour and the city centre. Another lovely park can be found outside Katarina church, arguably the most beautiful church in Stockholm.


The Swedes are famous for integrating stylish design-thinking into everyday choices. That’s why it is no much fun to browse through the shops, cafes and streets of Södermalm. Here, more than anywhere else, you get to see new trends and styles being tested and enjoyed in practical surroundings.

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