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A Stockholm vacation promises fun in the abundant snow, a Northern Lights hunt, and clean, efficient amenities.  But, the capital city of Sweden also plays host to a number of historical and cultural Stockholm attractions.  For the history buffs, a trip to the Royal Palace, the Skansen, and the Vasa Museum might be in order.  However, if you’re looking for a more lively experience, you might want to check out the amusement park in Djurgården, the ABBA museum, or the Junibacken.  And, of course, one of the most popular things to do in Stockholm is to visit the Nobel Museum, featuring the important history and contributions of previous winners of the Nobel Prize.  For adventurous travellers, you might want to try a snowmobiling expedition with a stay in a traditional cabin in the woods.  Or, try chasing down the Northern Lights as part of a multi-day trek.  It’s what to do in Stockholm when you want a glimpse of Nature’s best light show!


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Eiffel Tower tickets sell out - use the calendar to see the products available on your travel dates
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Things to do in Stockholm


OUR TIPS FOR Stockholm

  • Movement of Jah People. During the months of June and July, locals in Stockholm take part in a mass exodus to their summer homes.The resulting upside is a less crowded city during your Stockholm trip.The downside is that there are less locals to meet.
  • In the Boonies. Because a Stockholm tour can hurt you in your wallet, you may want to look for more affordable accommodations.Try finding a place away from the metro lines but connected by the light rail.Travel time won’t change much and you’ll enjoy a localized experience.
  • Sorry, No Change. For better or worse, Sweden has made efforts to become a cashless society.And, many of the shops, restaurants, and bars have fallen in line.So, don’t bring too much cash and make sure you have at least two bank cards or credit cards.



Best Time To Visit

For the best weather during your Stockholm sightseeing vacation, you will want to arrive sometime between May and September.  You’ll experience rather warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine.  Speaking of which, you can thoroughly enjoy the midnight sun in June and July.  Winter obviously brings plenty of snow for those who love winter sports, like skiing or snowmobiling.  The months of November and March present the ideal mix of snow and bearable temperatures.  Make sure you bring your warmest jacket in December, January, and February.  And, fi you want to hunt the Northern Lights, your best chances for success would take place between late September and early April. 

Getting Around

Stockholm’s mass transit performs as efficiently as you might think.  Here are your main options when exploring the city:


  • To save a significant chunk of change while travelling to and from the airport, familiarize yourself with the local busses ahead of time.  The private shuttles and taxis could cost you more than 10 times the amount of a public bus fare.
  • With at least 100 stops on the Stockholm metro, you’re sure to reach your destination with relative ease.  Consider purchasing a 3-day pass for a little under $30 so you don’t have to worry about your ticket expiring.  Even better, you’ll get a discount if you buy the pass ahead of time.
  • Thankfully, Uber has established a presence in Stockholm.  As with every other city serviced by Uber, the fares are considerably cheaper than regular taxis.  If you decide to hail a cab, make sure the license plate is yellow, which means it is a legitimate taxi and not a freelancer.
Stay Safe

As one of the safest European countries, you should feel pretty safe during your Sweden trip.  Nevertheless, here are a few safety tips:


  • Perhaps the most common crime tourists experience is pick-pocketing.You might want to consider a money belt or at least putting your wallet in your front pocket.Muggings and other physical confrontations are rare.
  • Scams do exist in Stockholm.One of the most popular is the “gold ring” scam.A local will pick up a gold ring off of the ground and ask you if it’s yours.When you disconfirm, he’ll inspect the marking, exclaim that it’s real gold, and then ask if you’d like to buy it.Don’t fall for it.
  • Should you plan a Stockholm trip during the dead of winter, make sure you’ve brought all the winter clothes you need, including thermals, gloves, galoshes, etc.Hypothermia can set it much more quickly than you think.


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