Why A Virtual Reality Experience Is The Future Of Tourism

by Gavin Darvell

What must it be like to soar high above the clouds, surveying the ground beneath you, being able to swoop down at will. Glide through the thermals and fly close to an impressive attraction or a gathering of people relaxing outside a café? 

Imagine thousands of people staring down on you. Screaming, taunting, and applauding. The menace of battle about to begin. Your heart is pounding, perspiration dripping down, aware the action is about to start. The roar of the crowd reverberating around the cauldron of the Colosseum.

Now you can, for tours are changing and experiences at attractions are reaching new and unprecedented ways to entertain. Virtual reality is here, and the future of tourism is to change forever.


The city of love where romantic moments are a requisite for any visitor that walks the shaded Paris avenues. You’ll take in the Eiffel Tower, marvel at the Louvre’s great works of art. Walk along the Champs Elysée, take a cruise down the Seine. Isn’t that what everyone does?

Why not try something new, unique that’ll give you a different perspective of this fantastic destination? Fly above the city on a Paris Flyview 360 tour , hovering over these key attractions, swoop down and see Paris in a new light. That’s what you’ll get with a virtual reality flight. No crowds, no fuss. Just you and a city to explore.



As for the Eternal city, well you could write a book on the attractions you should see. One place you’ll no doubt visit is the Colosseum. A marvel to Ancient Rome. It’s spectacular, mesmeric, spell bounding. Words you’d use before you’ve even entered! Wouldn’t you want to take your experience one step further?

Put on your Oculus VR headset, and you’ll be walking in the footsteps of the Gladiators. You’ll re-live the history, and you’ll come away not only having had an experience like no other, but you’d have also skipped the line, avoiding the long queues. Raise your arms to the cheering crowds. You’re one Gladiator that has won!

Virtual reality tours


We all look for memorable experiences when we go somewhere new. To take home a magical moment that will live with us for the rest of our days. Virtual reality is allowing us the chance to see the familiar in new and exciting ways.

I’m ready to embrace it, are you?

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